Hair Problems



I have this hair cycle. I grow it to a little past my shoulders, cut it into a pixie, and start all over. I really want to have hair to the middle of my back – minus the fact I can’t stand having to blow dry my hair and wet hair on the back of my neck gives me the heebs which is why I always chop it.

It seems like I would just embrace the pixie (which my husband adores, most of my friends applaud, and I think I look pretty cute in) but I just have this idea of me with longer hair so I keep repeating the cycle.

And now I’ve reached that point in the cycle that every girl growing out a pixie dreads:

The one where no matter how talented your hairdresser – you look like you are midway from a pixie.

Because you are midway from a pixie.

My other hair dilemma (it’s earth shattering stuff on the blog today) is whether I embrace my gray. In the last few years my hair has decided that it’s going to be really finicky about taking on color. As in, twice the processing time and half the amount of time between color. And I’m gray. Not quite fifty percent, but easily more than twenty-five. At what age do you accept the salt and pepper? I feel like 36 is too young, but the amount of time and money I spend not accepting it is enough to give me more gray hair. (This is also one of those moments when I want to smack my sister who is only four years younger with maybe 10 gray hairs on her whole head. Brat.)

I’m tempted just to flip a coin. Advice? Grow it/chop it? Dye it/Accept it? Stop being so vain and shut up about your damn hair already?


I’ve had weird allergy responses ever since high school. When stressed, or worn, or about to get sick – I’d break out in hives. I typically avoid scented detergents and soaps because I’m much more likely to develop a reaction if I’m using them (but not always) and I’m beyond loyal to my deodorant brand because any time I’ve tried another, I’ve regretted it. It’s odd but it’s not all the time odd so I’ve never really done anything about it.

On Friday evening, I went to the emergency room. The back of my throat was swelling and the antihistamines I usually use weren’t doing much of anything. This isn’t my first go round with bizarre angiodema (which is a fancy way of saying facial swelling) so I typically don’t worry too much. When my lip or eye or tongue start to swell, I take some Benadryl and Zantac (yup, the stomach stuff works great – especially for hives) and if that doesn’t do anything, I go to the doctor and they put me on a course of prednisone and stronger antihistamines. It clears up and I continue on my merry way. I’ve never had my throat swell though and throat swelling is scary (thankfully it never impacted my breathing).

Since it’s been happening more and more frequently and I can not find a common denominator (so far I’ve given up Reece’s Pieces, my favorite skin care line, a favorite skin care product, a certain essential oil, and a sunscreen in the hopes that I’ve found the culprit, but it just keeps happening), I’ll be meeting with an allergist in a few weeks (once the medicines clear out of my system) to figure out just what is going on with this crazy body of mine.

I’m really hoping I can start eating Reece’s Pieces again.