Crazy, Good and Tuesday

On Thursday we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving. I’m a bit in a panic. I’m usually done with most of my Christmas shopping by now. I am not even close. I usually have a good handle on the handmade gift situation. Again, not even close. I’m neck deep in remodel decisions, our December is filled to the brim with holly jolly and I need a nap. I’ve deFacebooked (again) for the season and am trying to put things in the right priority and take time for self care, but I think I’m just going to have to embrace the tired, get carried away with the bustle, and crash in January.

Knitflixing: I have a pair of socks blocking and another ready to be blocked. I’m working on a scarf but it’s taking forever. It’s soft and simple to knit and it’ll be beautiful when it’s done, but it’s a little more time consuming than this season allows. I have a more socks on the to do list and an embroidery project, but something will have to give. I just don’t know what yet. The Doctor, the TARDIS, and his traveling companions have been keeping me company. I’m currently on Matt Smith’s second season and I’m finding that I *do* like him, just not as much as David Tennant. I’ve also been watching This Is Us. It’s schmaltzy but it does it well.

In the kitchen: I made cornbread today for Thursday’s dressing. I use a loaf of French bread, a ciabatta loaf, and a skillet of cornbread. Cut them into 1″ cubes and leave them on wax paper to dry for 24-48 hours. I’m making the broth tomorrow and then I’ll put it all together on Thursday. It’s the only thing I’m responsible for which has me feeling both happy and sad. I love doing the whole big thing, but I’m already feeling overwhelmed and behind this year so less on my plate is a good thing.

Reading: I just finished The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman and it was great. I very rarely read something by him that isn’t. I also finished Every Kind of Wanting. It started strong but by the end I was sick of every single character except one. IYA and junior fiction might be where I focus my attention. The themes are accessible but layered, the characters are interesting and the stories tend to be fast moving, and very rarely do I want to throw a book across the room. I have Evicted on my next to be read pile as a book recommendation. It’s been awhile since I’ve really delved into non-fiction and I’m three books away from my book goal for the year and I don’t want to get bogged down. (Again, it may be something that needs to give.)

Those two little portraits up there are my Christmas present to myself. This summer I found an artist who was looking to take some commissions and I loved her work so I signed up to have my two done in October. They just arrived this week and I absolutely love them. She did such an amazing job capturing their little personalities. The flora is inspired by the pine, birch, fern, and lily up at the cabin.

That’s me. Scattered and stressed but good. What have you been reading, making, working on? I owe a few of you blog comments, I owe a bunch of people return texts and phone calls, but I’ll have to play catch up in a week or two. Or January. For those of you celebrating Thanksgiving this week, I hope it’s happy. For those who aren’t, I hope it’s happy. XOXO.





It’s Tuesday. These are my Things.


On Friday, Violet had a playground accident and broke her wrist. She’ll be in a splint at least until Friday when the orthopedist will take new x-rays and decide if she needs a cast and for how long. She’ll probably be missing most of her swim season so she’s disappointed, but taking it well. “At least it’s not my writing hand, Mom, because then I’d really go crazy”. She fantastic, tough, and brave. I’m lucky to be her mom.

Knitflixing: I’ve been watching The Great British Baking Show. My mother-in-law introduced the show to us this summer and some new episodes have been released. Violet and Abram also enjoy it so it’s something I can watch with them while I work on one project or another.  Currently that’s a simple seed stitch scarf in some beautiful merino/cashmere yarn. So soft and squishy. I’m using the charcoal/onyx helix colorway and the variation in color is very, very subtle. I also have the yarn for a new pair of socks wound and ready to go so I’ll probably be alternating those two projects with an embroidery project.

Reading: I finished As Brave as You which was a book recommendation from Violet. I love sharing books and book recommendations with V. Granted, she seems to read fewer of my recommendations that I read of hers. She’s a voracious reader, but she’s also much pickier than I am. I just started Every Kind of Wanting and I’m reserving final judgment, but I’m enjoying it. I’m about seven books away from my reading goal from 2017, so I’ll need to decide if I want to read or finish Christmas presents. Every year this time I wish I could listen to books or read and craft at the same time (there are actually people who can do that!!!) but I can’t.

Thinking about: Urgent vs. important. Being intentional with my time, my physical and mental energy. What and who matter most to me. What I want things to look like a year from now, a month from now, a week from now. What will get me there. What needs to be jettisoned. Purpose and plan. And a lot of home remodeling decisions.

Listening to: Some favorite Spotify playlists lately include: Autumn Acoustic, The Unrequited Mixtape (the Lucinda Williams’ song on this is in my top 5 of all time), Have a Great Day (this last one makes cleaning my house so much more enjoyable).

So that’s us. How are things in your corner of the world?

Tuesday Things

We had snow. It didn’t stick, but it was lovely and I was a bit like a child in my delight. I’m a firm believer that if it’s gray and cold, snow makes it worth it. Our Halloween was frosty. About a half an hour before it was done our neighborhood was pretty much quiet. I gave two teenagers the remainder of our candy (they were appropriately thankful) and then went in and took a long hot bath. Violet went as “Queen of the Cats” which is basically a cat costume with a tiara and a lot of jewelry. It’s perfect for her. Abram was a magician at school but traded in the hat and wand for fangs and blood for trick or treating.

I’ve been “Knitflixing” Doctor Who while completing two pairs of socks and one mitten for the month of October. I’m hoping to get the second mitten finished tonight. I sat down and made a list of handmade gifts and as long as I don’t get sidetracked I think I should be able to accomplish all of them. Maybe. I’ll definitely have to consider my priorities. Do we really need clean clothes? Dinner?

I have lots of thoughts on Doctor Who. I watched the 9th and 10th doctors and have just started watching the 11th. I’m told he will become my favorite but I don’t see how anyone could usurp David Tennant. I’m only a few episodes in though so I’ll reserve final judgement for a bit.

In other news…I haven’t much in the way of news.

I haven’t been using my camera as much as I would like.

I’ve been writing and doodling a lot. (Ordered a new notebook. Bright Pink this time.)

I’m working on Christmas lists and trying to get my shopping done. (I missed my all gifts purchased by Halloween goal, so I’m trying to finish by Thanksgiving. The crafting I’ll take right up to the end. Nerd emoji here.)

We went to the kids’ school fundraiser with friends. It was a really nice night. I tend to get very mushy after nights like that because I’m lucky to be surrounded by fun, kind, interesting people. It’s even better when I get to call them friends.

I’m trying to write an actual post (and not just a Tuesday update) but I’m struggling to do justice to my thoughts and now my laptop is in the shop so I can’t promise when I’m actually going to get around to posting that.

And that’s me. What are you up to this week?



Boo, October.

Snippets of life lately. Messy rooms, unmade beds, little things that tug at my heart strings. The sign up there that says Katie’s Room? I spent an afternoon in my grandpa’s shop and he helped me make it when I was young. It’s battered, made of scrap wood, and painted in colors that make me shake my head today, but I’ve carried it with me from one move to another and always found a place for it. I miss my mom’s parents. (My dad’s mom is still around and sharing her wisdom and spirit.)

The last few days have been decidedly fall. Late mornings, early evenings, gray, windy, rainy. October. I have a love/hate relationship with October. Mostly hate. I don’t care what L.M. Montgomery says.

I’ve been working tirelessly on socks. I don’t know how many pairs I will manage to finish before Christmas, but I’m hoping at least one or two more (I currently have six some of which were supposed to presents for other things, but eh). Then I’ll tackle some mittens. I did wet swatch Jesse’s sweater and that’s ready for me to start, but I’m a little intimidated by the pattern. I’ll be learning a few new skills which I’m excited about, but I don’t know if I’m ready to tackle that just yet.

Less television (though I’m watching and enjoying the final season of Scandal) and more listening to Spotify and the Ani DiFranco of my 20’s. The Ani DiFranco definitely says something about my headspace lately. I keep thinking that I should find some good podcasts, but haven’t. Any interesting ones to share? (Nothing too terribly newsy or depressing, please.)

I need to pick up my camera more.

I’ve been writing a ton. I don’t know how much of any will make it here.

I finally found a calendar system that works so well for us. We use the telephone calendar for appointments (everyone has their own color) and I have a Leuchtturm notebook for lists and what not. I still look at my Filofax longingly. I mean, there is what works and what I wish worked, but I have to admit the electronic calendar is just more practical for our family.

I recently read, Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies which was a recommendation from Andy Cohen’s Instagram account. It was a melancholy gray October day and I needed a good cry. I didn’t love the writing, in fact, I kind of hated parts, but it fit the bill. When Breath Becomes Air is on my nightstand too, but I’m worried that one may be more than my depressed October heart can handle. I’m about halfway through Thinking in Pictures but I may just have to give up. I feel like an asshole saying that it’s choppy and repetitive and grating, but it is. (I’m an asshole.)

And that’s me. How are things are you corner of the world/interwebs?