Friday Finds


I know. It’s been a minute. Every year (about this time) I say I’m going to plan for how FULL May is and then each and every year I just get gobsmacked. I have a list of birthday intentions to share. I have shows and books and projects to talk about, but it’s Friday so I’m going to share my list of random internet things instead.

  1. This is my life right now.
  2. What type of friend are you?
  3. Based on my buffet food choices, I’m a magician.
  4. The pleasure of being mediocre.
  5. Very cool balloon animals.
  6. Lessons in kombucha making.
  7. I grew up in an area with a large migrant worker population and found this very interesting.
  8. What number of kids makes parents happiest?
  9. Food choices and their environmental impact.
  10. Summer vacation prepping.
  11. I think this book sounds beautiful.
  12. Just a random, interesting thing.
  13. When you have to laugh because it’s just so sad/true.
  14. Political opinion long-read.
  15. Can we design to tech to bring out the best in us?
  16. I think I’m going to adopt a noticing wall.
  17. The Case for Doing Nothing
  18. They ruined the best show ever made and yes to everything written here.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

Friday Finds

  1. This mouse made me smile.
  2. How Brené Brown gets it done.
  3. My creative type is dreamer.
  4. Find your passion is terrible advice.
  5. I want to be a weaver.
  6. Four questions.
  7. These photographs of NYC are gorgeous.
  8. I’m getting old. (14,957 days to be exact.)
  9. I added thunder to a gray and rainy day using the icon on this website. It was soothing.
  10. I love the idea of a mocktail bar.
  11. Tips and tricks for better iPhone photos.
  12. How to Raise Successful People. (I thought this contained a lot of wisdom.)
  13. Daydreaming about fun summer project ideas. (I like a lot of these.)
  14. Time’s 100.
  15. Eat green.
  16. I loved this take on ways to be more decisive.
  17. Knitterly dreams (garment version): this, this, and this.

Friday Finds

  1. Just random things I find funny. (warning: lots of puns)
  2. Male and female brains are different. Should it matter?
  3. Nature is pretty.
  4. This is helping me drink a gallon of water a day. (Mine is yellow.)
  5. Do you like to puzzle?
  6. Is it possible to dream of nothing?
  7. Hebrew National for ever and for always.
  8. These vanity plates make me laugh.
  9. Conversation starters,
  10. Is this a good idea or a sign that we need to work on memory/recall?
  11. This was my go to method for years but I didn’t love the results. About three months dug one out of a cookbook I bought cheap at a yard sale similar to this and I’ll never go back.
  12. I loved both of these movies when I was young and this made me laugh out loud.
  13. Help kids remember with questions not nagging.
  14. According to this, I’m a grizzly bear. (Pretty accurate description of me to be honest.)
  15. Those aren’t fighting words, dear. (This would not be my response though I admire it.)
  16. The things you can learn on the internet. (100% need this)
  17. Speaking of, I love the idea of a internet for kids. What do you think?
  18. It boggles my mind that Notre Dame has been around for almost one thousand years. What to do now?
  19. Violet and I love looking at pictures of cats.
  20. What if social media stopped making likes public?

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday Things

I’m a little late to posting, but it’s spring. This time of year is not for the faint of heart. (In case you were wondering, these pictures ARE in chronological order and I did about cry when the day after it was over 70° it started snowing and proceeded to snow for 24 hours and yet another bad weather day was called.)

Reading: I’ve read a lot the last two weeks. Most of it drivel. I finished There There by Tommy Orange (★★★★☆). The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah (★★☆☆☆). Calypso by David Sedaris (★★★★☆). Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy (★★☆☆☆). I’ve picked up quite a bit of nonfiction from the library and Violet and I made a stop at the bookstore over last weekend so the TBR list is long.

Watching: I bet you can tell from my pile of books that I haven’t been watching much? We all watched the Sandlot the other day which is one of my favorite late 80’s-early 90’s feel good movies and I’m still watching and episode of Cheers every now and again. Of course, the final season of Game of Thrones premiered Sunday so my brother and I have a standing date until we see the final six episodes. I’m not ready for it to be done. I know it’s not for everyone, but the characters are just *so* well done.

Knitting: I managed to {finally} finish the first sock and get a pretty good start on the second sock of Jesse’s pair while watching The Sandlot. The downside is that my gauge is a bit wonky since changing the way I knit and so they actually don’t fit Jesse. The upside, they do fit me.

Making: This shrimp dish, eggroll in a bowl, beans and rice, and carnitas are on the dinner menu this week. I’ve done a little sewing (clothes just aren’t made well anymore so I had to repair a twice worn pair of jeans for Violet), and a little embroidery (Washington D.C. is coming along very slowly), and a lot of list creation.

So that’s me. What have you been up to lately?