Tuesday Things

soup is on, baby
The start of something fall-ish and delish.

I love a good long fall and this year’s has been beautiful. Unseasonably warm and sunny well into October, I have no complaints. But that doesn’t mean I’m not ready for the dip in temperatures and the rain that is headed our way, I’ve been feeling snuggly and cozy (and a bit hermit-y too). I love when the weather catches up to my mood.

Knitting: October socks. Started off strong, got the cuff and half of the leg done on the second one and just puttered out. I’m two games behind on my scoreboard scarf. It’s fall and I should feel like knitting, but I don’t.

Watching: Chuck. I absolutely loved it (I laughed aloud almost every episode because it truly speaks to the nerd in me – especially when I was “smart” enough to catch whatever reference they were making) but I watched all the seasons in a record pace (Netflix is threatening to take it off in November) and now I’m sick of television. Hello, run on sentence. Anyway, I haven’t been watching anything (this could explain the knitting, thing) but have been listening to podcasts. Do you have any you recommend? Nothing heavy.

Reading: I just finished reading “Clan of the Cave Bear” based on my TV guru’s recommendation. She’s good with book recommendations too. I don’t know that I’m interested in the series (I skimmed the preview chapter at the end of the book) but I did enjoy the first one. I’m currently reading “The Orchardist” on Rita‘s recommendation. I started it, then set it down, and then started it over and it’s caught my attention. I don’t feel the need to power through it but it is beautifully written and I would recommend it. I also read “Today Will Be Different” by Maria Semple (the author of “Where’d You Go, Bernadette?”). I liked it, didn’t love it. Quick read.  (The reading could also explain the knitting. Someday, I will have to learn how to do both at the same time!!)

Cooking: It is officially fall and I want the comfort food that comes with it! Tonight is chicken noodle soup. Earlier this week it was chili. Later this week, I’m combining and tweaking a couple of recipes for an apple cider, chicken, pecan rice dish that I think sounds wonderful. I’ll share if it turns out as good as I hope.

What are you  making, reading, watching, cooking? Anything exciting and new with you?

On the Election

Person holding an American flag on wooden table

I heard the news.

I watched the debate.

I thanked God I wasn’t on Facebook.

I heard a friend say, “It’s not like it matters who is president anyway. The world will go on.”

I thought of my friends, my family who would vote for him.

I thought of my friends, my family who wouldn’t vote against him because “She’s just as bad, if not worse.”

It made me think…how many woman have been moved on, grabbed, kissed, fondled without consent?

I was a kid when it happened. About the same age my daughter is now. Playing hide and seek. And I had no clue. I never told anyone. I just stopped hiding with him because I didn’t like how I felt when he stuck his hands down my pants. I didn’t even really get that it was wrong or that there were people you should tell until I was an adult. (Hi, my name is Kate and I still live in a bubble of naiveté). And then you find Kelly Oxford’s timeline and realize there are so many of us. Too many of us.

Now there is tape of a 60 year old man bragging about something no one should ever do and ten years later, he’s on presidential debate stage.

His defense is that it’s “locker room talk”.

This isn’t funny or cute or “boys being boys” or acceptable. This is rape culture. And it’s time we stop allowing it and show our girls and perhaps more importantly our boys that women are people. And we don’t treat people that way. And we don’t talk about treating people that way.

It does matter who gets elected. Hillary Clinton is not just as bad as Donald Trump.

And I have no room for debate.

Tuesday Things


Okay, so all last week I was going crazy because any time I tried to update my blog from my laptop, it would show up on my laptop but not anywhere else. And anytime I updated my blog from another computer it would show up all over the internet, but not on my laptop. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my laptop and I was frustrated beyond belief with my new host (they didn’t become my new host by choice, my previous host sold off their “small client” business to this new host) because they couldn’t seem to help me figure out the problem and my site speed was stupid slow.

So I found a new host.

And in the process of transferring to my new home, solved the problem that my old host’s tech service couldn’t. The LAST time I transferred hosts (willingly), they asked me to point my laptop at a specific server to make sure my site was up and running correctly. I had never cleared that command so I was pulling from the server of the company who dumped me and not my adopted server. Now it’s all fixed. But I still switched hosts. Their customer service sucked.

All that crazy computer mumbo jumbo to say…isn’t it awesome when there is this puzzle and you kind of have an idea about how to solve it but nothing you try works and then BLAMMO…problem solved? I love that.

Knitting: Scoreboard scarf (I had to add a lot of yellow because we lost to the Vikings and I’m mad about that) and socks (not fast enough, I’m only done with the cuff and 10 rows of the leg and I need to get moving!).

Sewing: My quilt! I can’t believe it. I’ve pieced together 8 of the 16 rows and it’s turning out pretty well.

Cooking: Nothing.

Reading: Still Madame Bovary. I’m on the fence. Maybe because I absolutely hate how horribly and selfishly she behaves, but also because I relate to her in ways that make me uncomfortable.

38 in 38 update: I’m off FB for my holiday hiatus. I left a little early because I want to keep liking the people I like despite politics. It adds some time to my 2 month goal, but I’m happy with that.

Finally: I’m having a minor little surgery on my sinuses tomorrow so any good wishes, prayers, or thoughts you want to send my way will be appreciated. The whole thing is pretty cool. I never thought “up your nose with a rubber hose” would be a good thing, but I’m so ready to feel better. (And those around me regularly are too because I’m a baby about being sick.)

Catch me up on you? Anything exciting? What are you tackling this week?

The Post for Julia and Monica

Dear Teacher,

Thank you again for your thorough daily emails. I just want to say how much I appreciate the weekly newsletter, but my favorite is the three paragraphs you send each day outlining everything that happens within the classroom.

Because I know how important it is to build that school to home connection, I wanted write you with my own daily email letting you know what your student’s daily life is away from class.

We left the parking lot at around 3:35. During the ride home I was informed that recess was cancelled due to too much talking and energy. I completely understand how frustrating it must be to have a disruptive class of students. I will continue to talk to my child about being quiet during your instruction time as suggested, but may I suggest that taking recess from active, restless students (especially in elementary school) is somewhat counterintuitive? Because my child had so much pent up energy, I did allow for 15 minutes of playtime. I realize that cuts into the homework schedule you have outlined, and I hope you will forgive me.

After the allotted 15 minutes, the student had a BM. We’ve been working on getting those on a before and after school schedule as requested because I know it “disrupts the day” to have a student leave the classroom due to those pesky bodily functions. I’m really hoping we can get this schedule to work, because I would hate for the student to just hold it and end up with constipation issues. After, it was about 4:15 so we drilled our spelling words for the 15 minutes you requested then practiced our math facts for the 20 required after which we started dinner. We usually enjoy preparing dinner together as a family, but my child had those worksheets you sent home, so I put the student to work doing those instead. Homework finished and put away just as dinner was ready, so we sat down and ate a nutritious and healthy meal and I set my child to work doing the (highly recommended) extra credit worksheets while the rest of us set to work cleaning up after dinner. After that was complete, the clock read 6:45. We were hoping to get a few minutes to practice at least one of the extracurriculars of piano, soccer, or dance but the hopes of raising a well-rounded individual take a backseat to the strident responsibilities of raising a student in your class.

At this point, we were very close to the 7 o’clock bedtime you recommend (I do agree that 10-11 hours of sleep time is very important for my child’s growing brain) so we quickly brushed teeth and got our pajamas on before tackling the 20 minutes of reading (we find that reading before bed helps us settle down so we save that assignment for the end of the night). Currently, we are reading the first Harry Potter together and are enjoying it immensely. I know it’s not “serious” reading, but we try and fit fun in where we can. My child fell asleep at around 7:45 last night.

Wake up was 6:45 today. The student had a BM (maybe this schedule you’ve suggested is really working!), showered, and dressed for school, made sure to have the library books ready for return (thank you for the reminder email this morning and yesterday afternoon!) and proceeded to leave for school. I was running behind this morning and didn’t have a chance to make the usual healthy breakfast, so the student did have sugar cereal for breakfast. I just want you to be aware in case the student seems a little hyper and unfocused or has a sugar crash before lunch. We’ll try to do better tomorrow.

I hope this email helps you to have a better view of your student’s day at home. I’m looking forward to hearing more about my child’s day at school later today!

Talk to you tomorrow!


Edited to add: This blog post was inspired by a discussion I was having with some friends regarding the paperwork and information overload I feel (we all feel?) at this time of year. It is exaggerated (though probably not in the places it most seems to be) and meant to be tongue in cheek. I am raised by a teacher and at one point in my life wanted to be a teacher (and then realized they get far too little pay and appreciation for how hard they have to work) so I by no means am trying to criticize the amazing individuals who I trust my children to on a day-to-day basis. That being said, I think a good many families can relate to the pressure of trying to raise children with varied passions, creativities, (and enough sleep) in a world that is putting more and more responsibilities on them to perform and and behave as miniature adults. This post stems from that frustration.