Fluff and Not

Life has been full. Promotions, concerts, baseball games, birthdays, graduations, parties. I feel a bit as if I’ve had the air knocked out of me. How did my children get this old? How did I? And I desperately need to take a nap.

I haven’t been knitting, but I have been cross stitching. Jesse told me last night that he thinks I need to go back to knitting as I’ve always been happy while knitting but I get very short tempered and ragey while cross stitching. I have to admit, I’ll like the finished product and it’s very satisfying when it goes well, but I sometimes go a little cross eyed and miscount and having to rip out all those neat little x’s makes me grouchy.

I’ve managed to take three trips to the library in the last four weeks. We weren’t quite ready to go this week, but we all had books that we reserved come in so they needed to be picked up. I still have one book from the previous visit to tackle, so I really should get reading. We’ve had a couple afternoons were we all just pile in my bed and read and it is as heavenly as it sounds. And much needed with all the running we’ve been doing.

So that’s the fluff…on a more serious note:

I’ve been off of FB for a little over a month. I removed the instagram app from my phone yesterday. I need the break. I completely fell apart when someone posted pictures of immigrant children with mylar blankets on mats and three pictures down a different person posted that the situation is awful, but inevitable without Jesus. (I mean…WTF). I still read my newspaper. I’ve called my representatives. I’ve looked for other ways to help (because I feel so, so, so helpless) and I will continue. But I can’t handle the commentary. Or pictures of children in cages interspersed between yarn, and homesteading, and food porn. I’m know I’m guilty of the sunshine and roses feed filler too, but the juxtaposition is knocking me on my ass. It’s a really hard time to be a thin skinned, empathetic American and still be sane. Anyway, please call your representatives. PLEASE. The treatment of these families…of these children…is evil and there is no justification for it. Period.

So…that’s me. Messy. Busy. Trying to control the controllables and do my part while finding joy. How are you? What has been on your mind lately?




Books and Bits

In an effort to make more things from scratch, I decided to “feature” a different cookbook each month. For June (I’m getting a bit of a head start), Jesse picked “Mad Hungry Family” by Lucinda Scala Quinn. The tomato/corn dish above comes from it. I’m looking forward to trying some new things and getting some more use out of my collection. (Also little tip: I just put my corn – husk and all – in the oven at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. I let it cool and then husked it. Worked like a dream. No fiddling with silks.)

I made a stop at the library. I had some donations for their book sale and since I was I browsed the aisles. I picked up a few things that were on my “to be read” pile, a book that as come up in conversation a few times and jumped out to me as I walking to find another book (I’m thinking it’s the universe’s way of saying I should read it), and I put some things on order so that I’d have to go back. I’m hoping to make a routine of it (with the kids). It’s hard to explain, but I’ve never really clicked with the vibe of the community library here. I’ve never had that experience at a library before (I mean, BOOKS) so I’m going to keep trying to overcome it.

Haven’t picked up any knitting this week at all. It’s too hot. I did find an embroidery project that I think would be fun to tackle. I’m pretty sure I have all the required supplies but the pattern. I haven’t pulled the trigger on it yet because I’m up to my eyeballs in school year end stuff and other things, but as soon as I can clear the docket for a fun project, I think that will be it.

As for television, haven’t been watching a bunch. I’m trying to set a good example. I really, really want to have the whole family go screen free for at least a week this summer and see if we can do it. I’ve noticed a *huge* behavioral/attitude shift in one of my kiddos since we hooked them up with Minecraft and I don’t want to spend all summer arguing about screen time. I miss the days when I was the one solely in control of the remote and it stayed off for days at a time.

Basically, things here are boring in the best possible way.


We’re settling back in at home. I’m trying to get used to everything in the kitchen. I have a list of things to do a mile long (unpack the kids desk, really organize the kitchen, get my office in some semblance of order after months of being a drop spot, laundry – always laundry, hang some pictures, unpack the china, dust – so much dust now) but yesterday was my birthday and I’ve missed writing these posts.

So here I am.

Those socks above? I’d been working on them for months (since January) and I finally just gave up and threw them in the trash. The pattern was lovely but the yarn…so many splices/knots and so splitty. I kept putting them down because the yarn was so terrible. It’s a shame because it came recommended and I have another skein in gray. I’m hoping I just had a bad skein. Anyway, I picked up some Knitpicks Felici from the stash and am almost finished with the first vanilla sock.

I’ve been reading “The Self-Driven Child” lately. Violet recently made the decision to switch to the public middle school instead of continuing in the Catholic school. I love the school system she’s in and am a little sad that she’s leaving, but I told her I would let her make the choice come middle school and I feel like I need to honor that. Basically, I’m reading it to make me feel better about my parenting choices. It’s helping. (It also helps that the public school systems here are strong and she’s a smart, independent kiddo who can do well wherever she lands.)

I need to watch less television. Or I need to watch smarter television (if there is such a thing). I got suckered into watching some Real Housewives nonsense and it’s terrible. Truly terrible. But I keep watching anyway.

I can’t believe the end of the school year and summer is just around the corner. I’m completely ready for it and also kind of exhausted at the list of things I’m hoping to accomplish. I’m hoping to be around this site of mine a little more frequently now that we are mostly settled back in.

Hope you are well. What are you reading, watching, working on?



I know. I haven’t written in MONTHS.

But today, I am 40.

And that means I have goals to write down.

  1. Take pictures. Lots of them. Print them. Organize them. Put them in albums.
  2. Go to NYC.
  3. Create/implement a home cleaning routine.
  4. Celebrate my people.
  5. Make more things from scratch.
  6. Go camping.
  7. Organize and KEEP organized the home office.
  8. Finish unpacking the first floor.
  9. Walk.
  10. Go to the library. Take the kids.
  11. Smoke zero cigarettes.
  12. Buy fresh flowers at least once a month.
  13. Host a party at home.
  14. Make a cozy guest room.
  15. Knit a sweater for Jesse.
  16. Knit a toy.
  17. Have a yard sale.
  18. Embroider something.
  19. Bring back “Craft Thursday” at least once a month.
  20. Go social media free for at least a month.
  21. Go “screen free” for at least a week.
  22. Send letters & cards. At least 15 of them.
  23. Practice unapologetic self-confidence.
  24. Create two soundtracks – one for energizing & one for winding down.
  25. Listen to some podcasts.
  26. Keep a paperless kitchen.
  27. Unsubscribe from catalogs/emails.
  28. Take a class at the university.
  29. Continue to bullet journal.
  30. Go to Mass.
  31. Get to inbox zero.
  32. Eat at home challenge for one month.
  33. Go to a museum.
  34. Put together recipe box/update recipe binder.
  35. Read 30 books.
  36. Write a story.
  37. Make Kay’s molasses cookies.
  38. Take myself to a movie.
  39. Go the farmer’s market.
  40. Show up. Be loud. Make mistakes. Laugh. LIVE.

See years 39 and 38.

(I’m going to squeak this one in just under the wire.)