We’re settling back in at home. I’m trying to get used to everything in the kitchen. I have a list of things to do a mile long (unpack the kids desk, really organize the kitchen, get my office in some semblance of order after months of being a drop spot, laundry – always laundry, hang some pictures, unpack the china, dust – so much dust now) but yesterday was my birthday and I’ve missed writing these posts.

So here I am.

Those socks above? I’d been working on them for months (since January) and I finally just gave up and threw them in the trash. The pattern was lovely but the yarn…so many splices/knots and so splitty. I kept putting them down because the yarn was so terrible. It’s a shame because it came recommended and I have another skein in gray. I’m hoping I just had a bad skein. Anyway, I picked up some Knitpicks Felici from the stash and am almost finished with the first vanilla sock.

I’ve been reading “The Self-Driven Child” lately. Violet recently made the decision to switch to the public middle school instead of continuing in the Catholic school. I love the school system she’s in and am a little sad that she’s leaving, but I told her I would let her make the choice come middle school and I feel like I need to honor that. Basically, I’m reading it to make me feel better about my parenting choices. It’s helping. (It also helps that the public school systems here are strong and she’s a smart, independent kiddo who can do well wherever she lands.)

I need to watch less television. Or I need to watch smarter television (if there is such a thing). I got suckered into watching some Real Housewives nonsense and it’s terrible. Truly terrible. But I keep watching anyway.

I can’t believe the end of the school year and summer is just around the corner. I’m completely ready for it and also kind of exhausted at the list of things I’m hoping to accomplish. I’m hoping to be around this site of mine a little more frequently now that we are mostly settled back in.

Hope you are well. What are you reading, watching, working on?



I know. I haven’t written in MONTHS.

But today, I am 40.

And that means I have goals to write down.

  1. Take pictures. Lots of them. Print them. Organize them. Put them in albums.
  2. Go to NYC.
  3. Create/implement a home cleaning routine.
  4. Celebrate my people.
  5. Make more things from scratch.
  6. Go camping.
  7. Organize and KEEP organized the home office.
  8. Finish unpacking the first floor.
  9. Walk.
  10. Go to the library. Take the kids.
  11. Smoke zero cigarettes.
  12. Buy fresh flowers at least once a month.
  13. Host a party at home.
  14. Make a cozy guest room.
  15. Knit a sweater for Jesse.
  16. Knit a toy.
  17. Have a yard sale.
  18. Embroider something.
  19. Bring back “Craft Thursday” at least once a month.
  20. Go social media free for at least a month.
  21. Go “screen free” for at least a week.
  22. Send letters & cards. At least 15 of them.
  23. Practice unapologetic self-confidence.
  24. Create two soundtracks – one for energizing & one for winding down.
  25. Listen to some podcasts.
  26. Keep a paperless kitchen.
  27. Unsubscribe from catalogs/emails.
  28. Take a class at the university.
  29. Continue to bullet journal.
  30. Go to Mass.
  31. Get to inbox zero.
  32. Eat at home challenge for one month.
  33. Go to a museum.
  34. Put together recipe box/update recipe binder.
  35. Read 30 books.
  36. Write a story.
  37. Make Kay’s molasses cookies.
  38. Take myself to a movie.
  39. Go the farmer’s market.
  40. Show up. Be loud. Make mistakes. Laugh. LIVE.

See years 39 and 38.

(I’m going to squeak this one in just under the wire.)



What I’m Listening To Lately

An idealistic punch in the gut:

Background writing/working stuff:

Happy wake up music:

Friday cruisin’ with my baby:

A little 20 year old me nostalgia:

Just a little gem:

Cleaning the house:

Mom, don’t listen to this one, you won’t approve (but it’s a good one to have in the arsenal):

I love a gravely voice which you won’t hear in the clip but Greg Brown makes me swoon:

Abram tells me to “crank it”:


An accidental find:

The most perfect 80’s song not written in the 80’s (another Friday favorite for the kiddos and I):

I don’t really have much to add to the conversation lately. My house is progressing on schedule (knock on all the available wood). Abram and Violet each had a bout of strep but are healthy now. My in-laws are the most gracious people on the face of the earth and I’ll never be able to say thank you enough for the generosity and kindness they’ve shown me.

Hope you all have a full and happy weekend! And please share any favorite listens lately! I’m always looking for fun things to find!

some days are like that

I wrote a whole post. Close to 700 words. And then some network thingie happened. And 1/2 of it was gone.

Rather than sit here and type it all out again, I’m going to take it as confirmation that the world doesn’t need to hear what I’m knitting, reading, watching, and thinking today. Suffice it to say I’m still knitting, reading, watching, and thinking.

Hope you and those you love are happy, healthy, and safe.

P.S. I *finally* read Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine and it was everything you said – light but not frivolous. I wish there were more books like that.

P.P.S. I also read The American Marriage. I’m glad I read it before finding out it was an Oprah pick because I tend to side-eye those. (Not casting aspersions, she has some really good picks, but books with that sticker are like books with movie covers for me…hard no.) Anyway, I gave it five stars on goodreads. One of the best books I’ve read in awhile. Anyway, just saying if you’re like me and tend to bypass celebrity book picks, you may want to bypass that bypass. It really is GOOD.

P.P.P.S. The same can not be said for Wally Lamb’s I’ll Take You There. It wasn’t even a story. It was a political manifesto that beat you about the head (and I even agree with the politics, it was just so…PREACHY.)

P.P.P.P.S. I’m not really good a short little posts. Even when I try.