I’m the girl who decides she’s going to take a photography class, get in shape, knit a sweater, be a more playful mother, read more often, and establish a system of organizing and cleaning that keeps her house warm, welcoming, and spotless.  All at the same time. I am also the girl who does each of those things about 15% of the way and then throws up her hands and curls up under the covers with a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.  (Don’t judge me.)

I still want to do all the things (of course I do), but I also want to slow down and make some changes.  I need to make some changes.  Starting with the knowledge that I can’t do it all at once and I have to establish some priorities.  And when I’m exercising and eating well, I just feel better. I’m more energetic, patient, and joyful.  I sleept better.My depression either goes into full on remission or is better managed. And feeling better seems like the best place to start.

Enter Bobbi and the Mama Shred.  Bobbi is the most uplifting, cheerful, inspiring woman – just talking to her makes me want to lace up my tennies and go out for a run.  And I LOVE the encouragement I’m getting from this group.  The food plan seems reasonable and the workout’s challenging.  I’m both thrilled and scared out of my mind.  Here are my three goals for the month::

  • Log 40 miles in a combination of running or walking.
  • Lose 8 pounds.

We start this morning.  Green Monster Smoothie here we come.

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