Thirsty Thursday

Okay so that used to mean something completely different in my college years (which might be why I didn’t get my undergrad until I was 28), but today I’ve made it my goal to drink all 100 oz of my water. Usually, I don’t have any problem with my water consumption, but since I let that evil Diet Dr. Pepper back in my life I’m finding that I’ve been slipping. Might be time to go back to caffeine free.

I also signed up for for a three day juice “cleanse” at the end of the month. I’ve always been skeptical of the whole fast/cleanse thing but I also know that I’ve been making some bad choices lately (like returning to the chemical shit storm that is Diet Dr. Pepper) and a little reset might not be a bad idea. I also like this because it involves no thought on my part. I drink juice. I drink water. That’s it. For three days. You might not want to hang out with me at the end of the month but I’ll let you know how it turns out. At the end of that, I thought I might segue into a modified Whole 30 to keep me from diving headfirst into a cheeseburger. Still debating whether I want to give up sugar, flour, and alcohol during my birthday month.

In other news, I took Molly for a walk this morning (I swear she just heard me thinking her name – she got up and walked over to me while I was typing that sentence…weird) and the red-winged blackbirds and spring peepers are already making a ruckus. I love living in this place with such distinct seasons (even winter). This winter was hard but that just makes spring that much sweeter.

Now to wash a few windows, put away laundry, and start planning the Easter menu/shopping list. Also, I can tell my meds have really kicked in, because just writing that sentence made me think what a beautiful life I live. Mush central.

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