Same Kate {maybe sweeter}

I know what your wondering…first there was UpsideDown Kate, then The Tiny Now, and now another name change?!? Pick something and stick with already! Right? Well…

A couple of years ago, I (laughably) decided I was going to quit blogging and gave up the UpsideDown Kate domain. Within a few months, I was kicking myself but wasn’t willing to “auction” purchase my domain. So I started “The Tiny Now” and I LOVED the design. But the concept? The name? It never felt right. I wanted a domain that was…me.

(And here’s where the answer gets long.)

My mom named me Katie. Not Katherine. Not Katrina. Katie.

Katie Joy, in fact. Holy sugar overload…talk about wishful thinking.

The name Katie will forever make me think of puppy dogs, pigtails, and pretty pink dresses. And from the time I wad old enough to make my opinion known on the subject, I refused to answer to anyone calling me anything but Kate (my dad, who still calls me Kay-TEE, with a stubbornness even greater than my own has been the singular exception).

With one syllable, Kate sounded straight-forward and no-nonsense. It made me feel tough and brave at a time when I felt that being soft and tender was a weakness. I liked the name Kate. I still do.

But my husband and a few friends have taken to calling me Katie Joy from time to time. At first, I hated it. Then begrudgingly began to like it. Now I love it.

Because I like puppy dogs and pigtails and pretty pink dresses. I like sugar. And I love the idea of being sweet. Not all the time – I’m loud and overly honest and a bit of a sassy-pants – but often enough that having my given name become an (occasionally used) nickname makes me smile. It reminds me how much I’ve learned in the last few years – how being tender is the opposite of weak, how determined doesn’t have to mean hard driving. How being sweet can be…well, sweet.

So, here we are. The name is different, as is the design (thank you, Heather) but everything else will be pretty much the same.

* * *

If you happen to follow me in a reader, I hope you’ll make the update so I don’t lose you!!

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  • I love the new concept, and I hope I am allowed to be in the select few who can on occasion call you "Katie Joy", just like I named you.