We are dealing with a bit of upheaval in these parts and I’m bone weary.

But I got some pretty yarn. And I’m still finding time to write lists and dream and take pictures.

And we’re all currently sharing a room and a closet (though thankfully not a bed) while the new carpeting is put down. It’s warm and cozy but I can promise you any romantic Laura Ingalls Wilder notion that I may have once maintained, it is gone.

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  • Well, the bits I see in these photos are lovely, as always. And, I’ve alway windefed s how they could all live in essentially one room. How Ma and Pa could have any kind of privacy that feels so essential to me. I’m glad your pioneer experience is only temporary. I hope the carpet will make a different kind of cozy in hour home.

    • Thank you. It’s funny how photographs can make things look lovely even when they are anything but – bless the magic of cropping.

      And not even privacy – just SPACE. I read an article that today’s families have as much room per person as the average family of 4 had just 50 years ago and I completely believe it. And I can talk about how it’s wrong when you think of the energy needed to heat it and care for it and etc. etc. etc. but for a person like me who can often feel terribly claustrophobic with noise and commotion – the extra space is a godsend. This little experiment has been a good reminder.

      • “bless the magic of cropping”–I think those could be words to live by! Think of all the things in our lives that might look entirely different to us if we could just do some magical cropping! 🙂

        I need my space, too. I totally get you on this one.

  • That’s some gorgeous yarn, Kate! All for socks? And are the white/black/orange/yellow striped items socks as well? (Love the colour and pattern!)

    Oh, I hear you on the weariness of upheaval 🙁 . This is what we went through for the better part of 3-4 years, as we renovated our house. No sooner would we have one room done when we would begin shifting stuff to do another room. For those of us who need things to be more-or-less “just so” this wholesale shifting is an incredibly hard thing to go through. And regarding sharing a room … In Bill Bryson’s book At Home he talks about how our need for privacy is a relatively new thing; I too have often wondered at the fact that Ma and Pa somehow (ahem!) managed to produce more than one child, given their living quarters.

    I do hope once your carpet is down, that “that will be that” in your house, at least for a good long while!

    • Thank you, Marian. I’m not sure if all three skeins will be socks but they are all three sock yarn. The dyer is called Destination Yarns (she’s on etsy) and her colorways are BEAUTIFUL. Your beautiful socks have reminded me I need some more tonals and solids in my life. 🙂 The black/orange/yellow striped ones are socks as well – it’s Must Stash Yarns Dark Side of the Moon colorway. Her yarns are amazing.

      We’ll be tackling our first floor next year, but at least I’ll get a bit of a break between now and then.