Tuesday Things


Isn’t it funny how some time with a good friend can absolutely change your mood? We’ve been gray and drizzly and it’s getting dark at 4:30 which is just a recipe for me to feel cranky and blah. Yesterday, I met a friend for breakfast and now I feel as if the sun is shining despite it still being gray and drizzly. Some people are just good for the soul. I hope you have some of those people around you during this crazy holiday season!

Knitting: Well, I finished my November socks and proceeded to a pair of mittens over the weekend. I love the pattern and recommend it if you are looking for one. I found some lovely yarn from Knitted Wit on etsy and I’m so glad I ordered more than one skein. I love it.

Watching: I’ve been curling up with holiday favorites: The Sound of Music (I drive Jesse crazy as I sing along with the whole movie), Home Alone, and the first Harry Potter (it just FEELS like it should be a Christmas movie even though I know it isn’t) and knitting away. Do you have holiday favorites? I think Charlie Brown is next.

Reading: Absolutely nothing. Have anything to recommend?

Cooking: I made this stuffing (or one close to it, anyway) and this cranberry jello salad  for Thanksgiving. Otherwise the only thing I’m doing in the kitchen is dreaming about remodeling. I need to get back into the habit of cooking.

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  • It IS good for the soul to spend time with a good friend — I’m glad you got to do that yesterday, Kate 🙂 .

    I need to get on some mittens too! (Who are yours for?) My husband has been hinting he’d like a pair, and my daughter asked — weeks ago — for a “smitten” (a mitten knit for two) so she and her boyfriend don’t freeze their fingers when they hold hands on walks. I thought she was joking, and that it’d be something they wouldn’t *actually* make use of, but no! she REALLY wants one! And my 11-year-old son now wants a handknit hat as well. AND I still need to finish the second Regia sock! Yikes — so much knitting, so little time! (Which would explain why I don’t have a good book to recommend 🙁 .)

    My husband and I just finished watching The Crown on Netflix. We really enjoyed it, and hope they make more (there’s only one season now). I always like to catch It’s A Wonderful Life in December. And How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the cartoon version) … I can’t miss that! Harry Potter is most definitely a cold-weather, snuggle under the blankets kind of movie. And I’m a sucker for The Sound of Music, too 🙂 . (We went to the musical a couple of summers ago, when it was playing in Stratford (Ontario) and it was WONDERFUL!)

    • I’m making a couple of pairs of mittens for Christmas gifts and since I can’t blow my cover, I’m going to ignore your question for now. 😉 I LOVE the idea of a smitten! PLEASE let me know if you find a pattern you like because I’d love to give that a try (maybe as a Valentine gift for Jesse!)

      And thank you for the recommendation on The Crown! I watched the first couple episodes tonight and got so sucked in I didn’t end up doing very much in the way of knitting! AND I’d love to see The Sound of Music in person. It’s one of the few on my wishlist that I haven’t gotten to see and I once performed “I Have Confidence” in my junior high lip sync competition. (I never was “cool”). I’m a little scared I’d sing along though. I love the music so much!!

  • Nice to hear what you’re up to. I would love to watch Charlie Brown Christmas again–have to see if I have access to it. I started watching West Wing with my daughter over Thanksgiving break. Has been interesting.

    I am waiting for the holiday season to feel like its here. So far it doesn’t. We’ll see…

  • Ah yes! There’s nothing like the times spent with a good friend! I love your blog, although I confess about the only thing I knit are doubts and worries in my mind. 😉 Will be dropping in again.