Tuesday Things

Fall temperatures have started just as we are finishing up the last official week of summer vacation which is perfect for fall sport practices. Violet decided against another year of cross country and is trying tennis despite my many, many attempts to bribe sway her. Abram (and I) are starting soccer. (His team didn’t have an assistant coach, so even though I know next to nothing about soccer, I offered to be a “second adult”).

This summer has been a hard one for me. I feel like I keep saying that. This month has been hard. This year has been hard. I haven’t written because things have been hard. And they have. But they also…haven’t been. Things are hard because I’m a walking ball of rage that really, really misses being fun.

I used to love talking politics. For hours. How to best allocate resources to shape the future is an absolutely fascinating conversation – especially with someone you passionately disagree. (I get that not everyone agrees with me that this good conversation material, but their loss.) Today political conversations can be boiled down to one {not fun} central question: are you a decent human being who is paying attention and heartbroken/pissed off, are you a kinda questionable human willing to trade decency for money/political advantage, or are you a straight up garbage person. That’s it. There are zero other categories.

We’ve absolutely devastated the earth in the last 100 years – fully aware of the poor choices we were making for the last 50 – because…consumerism, laziness, and a willingness to turn a blind eye. Now drastic action is necessary but taking drastic action is HARD and will get you labeled a crack pot because lazy, blind-eyed, consumers don’t want to feel guilty and/or inconvenienced. (P.S. I’m totally a lazy, blind eyed consumer too.)

We have two Supreme Court justices who at the very least behaved horribly toward women and a president who has a whole list of sexist, racist, idiotic, maniacal, heartbreaking, concerning issues.

And as the cherry on top, our government locks kids in cages and ignores their medical, nutritional, educational, pick an -al needs. (If I need to explain why this behavior is a really horrible thing, you need to find another blog to read.)

Still there are people who want to pretend:

1) It’s just politics as usual, folks. Nothing to see here.
2) There is not a thing that can be done about it. (AKA do NOT expect me to call, write, march, whatever.)
3) The reduction in taxes is worth the dystopian novel level cost in human decency.

I miss being fun but just beneath the surface of my genuine concern for how your weekend went is my sincere fear that we’d be better off just unplugging the whole human experiment and starting over from the point at which people lived in caves. (Seriously, doomsday preppers do not seem crazy to me. At all. They seem like people with…foresight.)

And while I wish I could just turn a blind eye to all of this because I know I’m not going to be able to fix it all, I also have this idealistic heart that believes just maybe if I call and write my representatives, and vote, and march, and explain to you why I feel and think the way I feel and think and inspire you to do the same – we could make things so much better. Or at least elect a president who comprehends the institution of government. Then I could go back to thinking doomsday preppers need to find a more useful hobby and…being fun.

As for the not hard? Pretty much everything else. Except screen battling. That shit does not stop.

My Tuesday Things post got a little derailed.

Knitting: a pair of pretty yellow socks that I think will end up going in the gift pile but yellow is my favorite color so…maybe not. I’ve *almost* finished with the second one of the pair. I bought the yarn from junkyarn ages ago and have lost the band so I can’t tell you anything more about it. I’m meshing my usual vanilla sock pattern with a modified eye of partridge heel and I really like how the three garter stitches work on the edges of the heel. I wonder if that would work with just a standard heel flap? (I realize that means nothing to non-sock knitters. Sorry.)

Reading: I just finished The Whisper Man by Alex North (★★★★★) The five stars comes with caveats. It gave me goosebumps and squeamies and was not great literary fiction. It is dark and creepy and an absolutely perfect quick and spooky story for curling up with on an (almost) fall night. I also read The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan (★★★★☆). Are not spooky ghost stories a literary thing right now? I feel like I keep bumping into them (I’m thinking A Clockmaker’s Daughter). Anyway, I picked this up and read the first quarter than put it down for awhile and then finished the remainder over two nights. It took me awhile to really get into the rhythm of the story, but when I finished I thought it was lovely and full. I love using Goodreads to keep track of my reads (and my TBR pile) throughout the year. Come find me if it suits you!

Watching: I rewatched the whole Twilight movie series. Violet’s been DEVOURING the books. She told me today that she thinks the books are so fun but that Bella is stupid and clingy. (This made me laugh and so proud.) FYI: I am and always will be Team Jacob. I need to start rewatching Downton to prepare for the movie. (Mom, we’re going.) Speaking of favorite characters: the Dowager Countess, of course.

Making: Random art things in my sketchbook. It’s been helping me with a “embrace imperfection” thing. When I sit down to play in the morning, Abram will usually join me without any prompting. I’m wondering if he’ll be interested when he heads back to school. Maybe I’ll play with the schedule and see about having art time in the mornings or as something to do before bed. Back to school season means I’m also (finally) in the kitchen more often. Beans and rice, sweet potato quesadillas, egg roll in a bowl, and a frittata this week.

So that’s me. What are you reading, watching, making? And if you’re angry like me, what are you doing to keep it from poisoning your every day?

Tuesday Things

It’s been over a month since I’ve posted. I backdated my Michigan post because 1) I can and 2) I wanted it posted when it happened for my own future reference. July was filled with vacation, camps of every persuasion, school supply shopping, dentist and doctor appointments, knitting, card games, shooting hoops, crafting, and an ENDLESS BATTLE OF SCREEN POLICING.

Moving on:

Knitting: Always socks. And very slowly a sweater for Jesse. But mostly socks. I’m trying to complete at least a pair a month. I managed to get a pair and a sock done in July and after this weekend I’ve almost finished the second sock.

Watching: I jumped on the bandwagon and watched both seasons of Fleabag on Prime. Not for the faint of heart or even slightly prudish, but I found it hilariously funny and absolutely heartbreaking. I’ve also watched the first few episodes of Dear White People which I’m loving.

Reading: Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris (★★★☆☆) – super dark and unsettling for me. The Mother-in-Law by Sally Hepworth (★★★★★) – great beach read. Sadie by Courtney Summers (★★★★☆) – not what I was expecting; well written but zero let up. Also read Ani Di Franco’s memoir. I love her music and was so excited to get the book, but wasn’t as inspired by it as by her song writing.

And that’s me…what have you been reading, watching, making, keeping yourself busy with this summer?

Michigan 2019

We’ve rented the same house the last six years we’ve gone. The memories start to all run together. This year the water levels were VERY high but we enjoyed the same public beaches my sister and I swam at as children.

We rode rollercoasters. Violet and Abram braved this 150 swing thing that scared me half to death. We played lots of mini-golf. I’m pretty sure there was one day where we had ice cream for every meal. We created a short playlist of songs that involved rolling the windows down and turning the volume way, way up.

This year felt so bittersweet to me. It’s home. But not home. And while I’m grateful to return to my own bed and my own things, I miss this place the minute I leave it. It makes me wish I could live thousands of different lives and this one too. Does that make any sense? It’s the only way I know how to describe it.

Friday Finds

  1. I thought this happened to everyone.
  2. LEGO is cool.
  3. I learned it from watching you.
  4. Truth.
  5. Stop with the work/life balance.
  6. I agree. But I don’t agree agree. Tech and trades are a viable alternative.
  7. Rewire your brain with good habits.
  8. This made me smile.
  9. Do you drink rosé? I haven’t tried any despite it being all the rage the last few years but I might just use this guide for some summer time libations.
  10. I’m a fan of Ravelry. I’m not a fan of Trump. I still don’t know if I agree with this decision.
  11. I’ve jumped on the crush on Keanu bandwagon.
  12. Invest in your relationships.
  13. Sunset from space.
  14. Time to start bingeing this now.
  15. Why the Chernoybl disaster didn’t kill all the plants. (Found this fascinating.)

Happy weekend, everyone! Hope it’s great!