It’s cold and gray. It’s Thursday. The kids have been pestering me to make slime all summer. So we went to Target and purchased a few things and made slime. Three different slimes each to be exact.

Supplies used:

Elmer’s white glue, glitter glue, glow in the dark glue
shaving cream (not the gel)
baking soda
food coloring
contact solution (with sodium borate and boric acid as ingredients)

The first slime we made was the glitter slime. Now I know you can get all fancy and buy the glue and the glitter separately, but I’m lazy. So I used glitter glue (and I like that decision because I don’t have glitter EVERYWHERE).

It’s super easy to make (we used this same recipe with the glow-in-the-dark slime/glue too):

  • Pour the entire bottle of glue into the bowl.
  • Add 1/2 Tbsp of baking soda and mix thoroughly
  • Add 1 Tbsp of contact lens solution to mixture, and put some on your hands.
  • Use your hands to mix it together until slime starts to form.
  • Slowly add more contact solution (if needed) to make the slime less goopy.

For the fluffy slime:

  • Pour the entire 4oz bottle of white glue into the bowl
  • Add 3 cups of shaving cream (we had more than 3 cups and ended up adding more contact solution)
  • Add food coloring and mix
  • Mix in 1/2 Tbsp of baking soda
  • Add 1-1/2 Tbsp of contact lens solutions to mixture (plus some on your hands)
  • Mix until slime forms.

I liked the fluffy slime the best, but the glow-in-the-dark slime was a big hit with Violet and Abram. (Again, we just used the glow in the dark glue. Thank you, Elmer’s!) My kiddos keep taking it into our half-bath (no windows) to check it out. I found TONS of recipes when I was looking and we just kind of put stuff together. You know…experimented. We also talked about things we’d like to try differently (less solution, maybe a borax solution instead of contact lens stuff, adding beads or styrofoam, etc.)

I was really worried about having a big sticky slime mess everywhere but these recipes weren’t goopy once it was thoroughly “activated” and my kids had a blast.

Michigan 2018


We rented the same place we’ve rented for the last 5 out of 6 years (we missed 2017). We visited the same amusement park, the same mini golf stand, the same dune ride company. We jumped in the waves. We made a pact to go in and under no matter how cold and on days when the waves weren’t too high we swam out to sandbar whooping at how alive and frozen we felt. We visited with people we love, but not all of them, and often too briefly.

I’m happy to be home, surrounded by my own things, going to bed in my own bed, but tomorrow my dad won’t be stopping by with a ridiculous number of donuts and juice. I won’t be listening to my grandma share her stories and wisdom while eating peanut butter cookies that remind me of making them with her as a child. I won’t be making squiggly drip sandcastles or swimming out to sandbars.

I am home, but missing home.

And already looking forward to next year.




A Piece of Peace


I sat down a few days ago with some yarn and a pair of needles and decided to try my hand at socks again. The last two pairs I’ve attempted left me in a funk. Good pattern, bad yarn followed by good yarn, bad pattern with not one project finished since December. This time I decided to use some good yarn with a tried and true pattern. Rock and roll. The timing couldn’t be more perfect because I really need a break from the cross-stitch stuff. I have a lot done, but I have a lot left to do (and I thought I would have it finished by the end of June.) I have one more of these projects that I want to finish before Christmas (much more realistic goal) and then I don’t know if I’m going to ever tackle this type of stitchery again. The little x’s are so satisfying when complete, but I mostly just want to pull my hair out when I work on it. In a shocking twist, on some nights, I work without watching or listening to anything. My brain needs the quiet.

I bought house shoes. The rosy pink color. And I love them. (In other news, I fluctuate between 8 and 80 years of age.) I’m thinking about buying everyone in my family a pair. They don’t seem to get the rule that outside shoes don’t belong on my inside floors so I don’t know if they’d get the whole inside shoe thing. (P.S. I really wish they would.)

We’ve been spending too much time on screens this summer. And by we, I mean my children. I’m just so tired of fighting about YouTube and Xbox and Minecraft, so I don’t. Every night I go to the bed with the idea that tomorrow I’m going to do better and make them do some chores and let them be bored and ignore the incessant pestering about when…when…when can I use my screen and then I get up (at 7:30am) and they’ve already got their faces in the screens that I obviously didn’t hide well enough the night before. I feel like throwing my hands in the air and screaming. Or throwing all the screens in the garbage. Or going off the grid completely and becoming a subsistence farmer. And if I hear the whiny refrain “It’s tooooo hooooooot.” one more time, I’m sticking them in the freezer to remind them of what November-May was like around here. I hate being that parent whining about their kids and tech (I can’t even begin to tell you how much I hate being that parent) but I’m not spending all my summer being a cruise director and I’m not spending it being a police officer so SOMETHING has to give. If any seasoned parents have ideas on balance, I’d appreciate them. PROFUSELY. (In the mean time, I’m trying to practice what I preach and limit my phone and computer usage – all blog post evidence to the contrary.)

So…that’s me. How are you this week?





The End of June

Never got around to posting Tuesday, so here are some pictures from our last weekend in June. My sister and her people came up to the cabin and we fished, swam (the sis and I challenged each other to 30 minutes treading water), boated, ate a ridiculous amount of food, colored pictures, listened to music (new favorite song). It was really, really good (and really, really hot).

Our 4th was quiet. It was gray and stormy here so we spent a lot of time working on projects. I got the office organized, a good book read (Beartown by Fredrik Backman), and a little more done on my cross-stitching.

Made a playlist. It’s full of folk and “folk adjacent” music and not in any kind of order. A few of the artists are current but there is also a good representation of those I know from my father-in-law’s record collection. I click shuffle and let it play as I putter.

In other news:

Something in my energy is just off. I don’t know how to explain it. I know it sounds woo-woo but the last few months, I just haven’t felt right – like I have a dark cloud taking up space in my personal bubble. I think some if it is summer and the varied schedules and the inconsistent food choices. Between that and my mood disorder, I’d usually chalk it up to a depression, but that isn’t it. I’m just out of sorts, have been for awhile and not sure how to snap out of it. (And I really want to snap out of it.) I’m going to be a trying a few different things in the next few weeks because I’m *really* over carrying around this energy leech.

To combat dark cloud/energy leech/woo-woo weirdness, I’ve been skipping adult-ing and spending a lot more time with my kids. Serious idyllic summer vacation stuff here. Because 1) they’re growing up ridiculously fast and I’m trying to love the crap out of them and soak up all the kid love I can before we’re in the next childhood stage, and 2) The world is a much simpler place when you’re *in the moment* playing a game of HORSE with your kid. Or drawing chalk flowers on the driveway. Or laughing over the Superman ice cream that is covering your kiddo’s face.

I hope you have a good weekend!!