Friday Finds

  1. Point and counterpoint on sex separation in athletics.
  2. Things to watch on Prime in October. (anyone else thinking of cancelling/already have cancelled their prime membership?)
  3. Some other spooky season viewing suggestions.
  4. For Abram.
  5. A case can be made for physical media.
  6. Which lends itself to this. (I’m actually kind of tempted.)
  7. These and these are on my Christmas knitting list.
  8. And I want to learn this for socks.
  9. I have a strong “no” gut reaction to this.
  10. Yup. That exists.
  11. It’s just a phase.
  12. I’ve been doing the mini and tried a few archived Mondays.
  13. I need to make a date with my sketchbook.
  14. Wow.

Happy weekend!


A few months back, when Peloton announced they were restarting studio rides, one of my friends and I decided a trip to New York was in order to take one. Sadly, we didn’t manage to get ourselves into a ride, but we had a fun long weekend anyway. One day we walked the breadth of the park, another we walked the length. I started to feel competent at navigating via subway only to have our main line rerouted two days into the trip (and then really comfortable when we figured out that reroute). I just wanted to jot down a few favorites (and recommend that if you ever get a chance to see Come From Away, that you take it.)

Memorable Eats: Gallaghers (the mac and cheese was tops from the trip), Il Mulino, Sadelles, The Central Park Boathouse
Shows: The Music Man, Come From Away (definitely in my top 3 shows of all time, very likely number one).
Sights: Jesse and I came across the Flat Iron Building, the New York Public Library, the Central Park Zoo, and the Empire State Building while wandering the city. We also spent a good amount of time wandering the park. I spent a couple hours wandering the Met (I definitely want to go and spend a longer period of time). I loved the Bernd & Hilla Becher exhibit, stumbling upon a Renoir and knowing it without knowing how I knew, and some metal work on display in the Egyptian art collection.

Friday Finds

  1. Pretty.
  2. So proud to be from Wisconsin.
  3. Cooking wisdom.
  4. Taking the GoT obsession to the next level.
  5. I love these.
  6. Bird nests.
  7. What you can learn from a child and a thief.
  8. Curators are cool.
  9. These disturb and delight me. Especially this one.
  10. I just found this thread interesting.
  11. This article is what prompted me to read The Good-Enough Life.
  12. I love these too. (The cat with bird wings is probably my favorite.)
  13. This is a lesson I want my kids to learn. (And to do it without resentment because they can.)
  14. Find your own water.
  15. Acorn to oak tree. (It just made me happy.)
  16. Found in a library book.
  17. Apply minimalist principles not just to your stuff.
  18. 100% (I shared this on instagram yesterday, because I’m back.)

Happy weekend!!!