Friday Finds

  1. Beautiful things grow out of shit.
  2. Loyal. Colorful. Persnickety. Seeker. Introvert. (What are yours?)
  3. This piece is from May, but I agree with it.
  4. Fluorescence of flowers.
  5. Questions.
  6. Maps – the bathymetry of the Great Lakes cross stitch or the coastline of Alabama maps are two I found fascinating.
  7. More maps.
  8. In Praise of Pointless Goals.
  9. Are your eggs still good?
  10. Gender affirming medical care is under attack by misinformation/misunderstanding.
  11. Gorgeous.
  12. Do animals dream?
  13. Schedule your stress.
  14. Underappreciated films. (Lars and the Real Girl is one of my favorite films ever.)
  15. Wow.
  16. Also wow.
  17. This made me laugh and ties into this opinion piece.
  18. The dark side of creativity.
  19. Speaking of creativity: some sketchbook inspo.

Hope you have a very happy weekend!

Tuesday Things

We’re deep into the dog days of summer. Hot, humid, overfull, but some how lazy. I spend hours pruning and weeding and harvesting. I take a certain glee in smushing squash bugs and cabbage caterpillars and scraping eggs into soapy water. When my knees are in the dirt and I’m pushing sweaty hair out of my eyes, it’s easy to feel smug and romanticize the labor that goes into these small acts of feeding my people. I muse about how much better the world would be if we all just hoed our own row, or focused on the work in front of us, or one of a million other platitudes. I know better and still find it so easy to be self-satisfied.

Let’s talk some things.

Reading: I gave up (for the second time) on The Kindest Lie and have decided to start a DNF shelf on Goodreads. While I’m still using the app to keep track of what I’ve read, now that it’s owned by Amazon, I’ve decided to share links using Shrill: Notes from a Loud Women by Lindy West (★★★★☆), Stolen by Lucy Christopher (★★★☆☆), and People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry (★★☆☆☆) were all read thanks to Libby and my kindle. I just borrowed I’m Thinking of Ending Things by Iain Reid so I’ll be reading that next. I also read The House in the Cerulean Sea by T.J. Klune (★★★★☆).

Listening: One of my friends recently sent me this song by Weezer and now I’ve been listening to the whole album. (Their older stuff definitely brings me back to a time in my life when I wasn’t that much older than V is now.)

Watching: A lot of Netflix: Unbelievable was uncomfortable but good, Our Father made my skin crawl. Jennifer Lopez Halftime, Seeing Allred, The Martha Mitchell Effect, Keep Sweet and Obey, Girl in the Picture all kept me company while working on some knitting projects. Persuasion looks amazing so that’s next on my list. RHOBH (purchased season) – Diana is fascinating to me and I love Garcelle this season/all seasons. At the theater, I’ve watched Thor: Love and Thunder and very much enjoyed it.

Knitting: I have so much blocking to do, a pair of socks to finish, and a blanket I’m hoping to have done in a couple of weeks. I’m using this yarn for the blanket and I love the feel of it. I want to get the sheep pillow finished before the end of 2022 since it’s been on my to do list for a few years now.

Making: I bought a couple of cases of peaches and once we had our fill of eating them fresh, I tried my hand at canning. I did the same with strawberries, and made/canned my first batch of jam. The peaches were ugly but tasty. The jam is just okay. I’m learning. Refrigerator pickles and a second batch of peaches (with some tweaks to try) are next on my list of upcoming things. If you have a favorite pickle recipe, please share!

Fingers crossed for a Friday Finds post this week. I have so many links saved to share. So that’s me. Let me know what you are -ing?

Tuesday Things

I turned 44. We saw Moulin Rouge to celebrate. It felt so good to be at a live performance. Abram turned 13. V started driver’s ed (the classroom portion. They have to wait until they’re 15 to get the actual permit.) I went to Michigan not once but twice and will write more about that on a day that isn’t today. I’ve gardened and painted by number and done laundry and jumped in the lake for our Memorial Day tradition (it was cold). The bathroom remodel was pushed back yet again. I’ve been a horrible friend and a merely passable mother/wife. I have dishes on the counter, clothes piled high to be put away, and the coffee table is a mess of dirty socks, water glasses, nail polish, books, and knitting. But I’m sitting here and writing to you because I want to remember these days that wash away faster than my childhood drippy sandcastles. Let’s talk things.

Knitting: I’ve added a few more squares to my blanket. Finished a pair of socks. Started another. I have five dishcloths that need to have their ends woven in.

Watching: Hacks (HBO), The Janes (HBO) Somebody Feed Phil (Netflix), RHOBH (purchased a season pass), Yellowstone (purchased), Ozark (Netflix, with Jesse). The Janes is definitely worth a watch. Hacks is worth watching if you don’t have anything else. Somebody Feed Phil is one of those shows that I dole out like candy when I need something dear and sweet. RHOBH is cotton candy. Yellowstone was introduced to me by my father who only watches Westerns. (The only difference between Gunsmoke and Days of Our Lives is the target audience but don’t tell him that.) I watched the first season of Ozark (and the second, but I didn’t remember most of that one) but started watching again with Jesse. We’re just about to the third season. It’s rare when I find something he’ll sit and watch and I cherish it.

Listening to: Harry’s House (Harry Styles), Dance Fever (Florence + the Machine). On repeat. The Moulin Rouge Broadway soundtrack. The stage show was amazing.

Reading: Start Without Me by Gary Janetti, and The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley. The Kindest Lie by Nancy Johnson is what I’m currently reading.

Making: I managed to finish my Chicago cross stitch. I need to have all three framed and now I’m looking for a new project. I also have really been enjoying painting by number – finished a more simple kit and am working on my second Van-Gogh-esque one.

So that’s me. What are you -ing in your corner of the world?