A Few Random Things

Just a picture of my kiddos almost four years ago now.  Sigh.

 We are having pork chops for dinner.  With apples.  And mashed root veggies.  I feel very 1950’s wife right now.

After yesterday’s sunny skies, the clouds today are making me feel very sleepy and chilled.

Not having sugar is hard – but it’s only 24 hours so I can do it.

I had a nice long chat with my Gram this morning.  She’s one of my favorite people.

I’ve been in a reading mood lately.  The last book I read was NOT my favorite.  Suggestions?

The new season of Mad Men is disappointing me but I’ve been watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix and I love it.

I’ve been working with a physical therapist and a trainer to strengthen/stretch my hips so I can get back to running.  They are very sore in a good way.  I miss running longer distances.

But yesterday I walked almost five miles in Toms without them bugging me so maybe I can start running again.  (I left dinner with my husband in a huff.  Sometimes  I am a real drama queen. Also, we are fine, I’m just crabby)

I’m going to get the laundry folded before I go pick up A from preschool.  We are going to play trains and cars and have a nice long snuggle after lunch.

What is your day like today?

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  • My youngest is home "sick" wich means he's cuddled on the couch and giving me a great excuse to not do much of anything. Reading your blog today made me feel like I just opened my journal. I love "How I Met Your Mother" I can't find anything suitable to read (currently re-reading the second 50 Shades book) and I walked 3.5 miles last night… Even jogged for 6 minutes. Thanks for your blog. It SO helps me feel like my life is normal and the job of raising my children is the most worthwile use of my talents and abilities.