Where I Am (an update on last year’s wishes)

In less than a month, I turn thirty-five.   Last year I shared my birthday wishes and with only a month left, I thought it would be a good time to check in on them.

–  I feel like me (or maybe even me but better) since working through the hard stuff with my counselor and figuring out my medication – my hope is that these changes will continue to be as successful in the next year as they have been the last few months.

Compared to two years ago, I’m a rock star.  Compared to where I want to be, I have a long way to go.  Isn’t that the way of it?  Right now, I’m realizing that I still have things that need to be worked out.  And that there will always be things that need work.

–  I’m thankful for how Mr.G and my marriage has grown in the last year.  I pray that God continues to bring us closer to what a truly loving, supportive, and nurturing partnership should be.

I can say without question that we are much stronger today than we’ve ever been.  I can also say that we still bicker and argue and say things we shouldn’t at times.  I think the biggest difference today is that we’ve learned how to love each other even when we aren’t nuts about each other.

– Lately I feel my interests are pulling me in so many different directions and while I feel so blessed to have so many things that I enjoy, I’m praying that I will be shown where my efforts and interests will create the best impact.

I’m still struggling with too many interests and too little time.  I started taking a photography class, I’m trying to sew, knit, and embroider regularly.  I’m pulling back from volunteering but feel guilty about it.  I quit blogging only to start again.  Trying to find balance is going to be a life long challenge for me.

– My family has so many wonderful things planned for the summer and then V will be headed off to kindergarten and A preschool in the fall.  I hope that I can embrace all the fun and all the challenges and all the CHANGES that we will be facing over the next year.

To say that this has been an easy year would be a lie.  We’ve gone through some really difficult times and I’ve learned a lot of lessons.  Tuesday mornings are always the most difficult (I have no idea why), but both of my kids are loving school and doing well.  I love the place where we are right now (most of the time) and my desire to embrace it all is how this blog got started!

– I’d like to continue growing and learning.  I’ve always been someone who enjoys mastering a new thing – whether that be an equation, a stitch, or a concept.  I’d like to take advantage of the time my children are in school by mastering some of my interests and possibly opening a shop (goal date: January 2013)

Yeah, no shop.  I have a hard enough time finding balance that I don’t need to add one more thing to my list of responsibilities.  But the growing and learning?  Definitely.  I feel like the growing pains are pretty constant around here.

– I’ve found that I’ve had a lot more energy to tackle the to-do lists – both the everyday ones around my home and the 101 list that I created earlier this year. My hope is that I’ll continue to check things off my lists, creating a haven both inside my home and my heart.

My list is always growing.  My list of 101 things isn’t being checked off as quickly as I’d like, but I’ve also realized that my goals and needs have changed since I’ve written it.  Creating a haven in my home and heart have become even more important with our move last fall.

I’m already starting to think about my “wishes” for 35.  I see a lot of changes in store for the next year and I’m excited to be taking them on.

Have you taken on any new changes in the last year or so?  How do you stay motivated and focused?

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  • Ok… a few things. One, that really is the toughest lesson, in marriage, but once we master it- it does only get better. When my husband and I reconciled our marriage- we did so not because we were in love- but because we knew it was the right thing for us. End of story. Honestly, when it came down to us- I don't even think we were "in like", either. For us, it was the BEST way to attempt it…
    Two, I loved this:Compared to two years ago, I'm a rock star. Compared to where I want to be, I have a long way to go. Isn't that the way of it?" That should ALWAYS be a goal, for everyone. A rockstar compared to before but not yet where we should be…
    three, Just remember Guilt is NOT of God. If you feel guilty for not volunteering, (or not _______) then it's because of some internal expectation you have, of yourself. GRACE, GRACE, GRACE 🙂
    You're doing a good job!