Summer Comfort

This chicken pasta salad is a family favorite. I don’t think we have a cook out, birthday party, random family gathering between Memorial Day and Labor Day where it isn’t made. In fact, I posted it last year about this time at the old blog. As it’s one of our summer staples, I thought I’d post it again. I love it because I get to spend time chopping (one of my favorite kitchen activities), you can’t really screw it up, and everything just gets thrown in one big bowl.

When my mom first taught me the recipe she kept saying “just put in what looks right”. As it was one of my first experiences in the kitchen, that drove me crazy. So here is what looks right to me – but feel free to add or omit so that it works for you and your family.

-A box of cooked and cooled medium shells
-6 boiled and cooled eggs – chopped
-Almost all of a bunch of celery (i use the stalks that look nice and save the rest for stock) or a couple green peppers or a mix/mash of both – chopped
-8 oz of cheese – cubed. I do half co-jack and a half sharp cheddar because that’s what Mr. G likes, but use what you like and have on hand
-1 large onion – chopped
-2 large cans of chicken breast (or 3 poached chicken breasts – chunked)
-mayo (I like mine a little dry so I just put enough to make things “stick” together)
-salt and pepper to taste.

It’s easy. It’s yummy. It’s great a day or two after making. A batch feeds a whole crew. And it goes great with Wheat Thins or Triscuits (which is another family staple). And you can bet I’ve got all the ingredients ready for our own Memorial Day weekend!

What is one of your summer comfort foods?

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