THIS is the day.

I loved singing that song as a kid.  It made me think of sunshine and ice cream sundaes and good things.  Happy days.

I’ve been struggling lately.  I have a cold.  I’ve had to slow down my running and see a physical therapist for a hip issue which means my 1/2 marathon dreams will have to put off for another year. I’m dealing with some icky family stuff where everyone is safe and healthy but my heart is hurting. This is not the kind of day where singing that song seems appropriate.

And yet it is.  Because He made THIS day.  And I am called to rejoice and be glad in it.

So here’s a list of things I’m rejoicing today:

– my neti pot, vicks vapo-rub, and lemon tea with honey
– exercises to work on my weaknesses (both physical and emotional) so that I can be a stronger and healthier person
– friends and family who are in my corner and who cheer me on when I forget my value
– the month of May – it’s lily of the valley and lilacs and tulips and my birth month.  And the birth month of many of the people I love.
– new coloring books and a great big box of colors to help destress
– photography lessons that teach about life

What are the things that are making you “glad in it” today?

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  • Hey Kate! I totally understand how you are feeling! This past summer I was training for a full marathon and then I tore my MCL. Physical therapy only helped so much and things are still not better. But I chose to rejoice in each day and took the opportunity to slow down!
    I'm sure you'll be running sooner than you think! 🙂