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It’s finally starting to be summer around here and with that means packed schedules and fresh produce. Quick and easy snacks on the run are a standard this time of year, but trying to get the kids to sit down and enjoy dinner? Not as easy. With my goals of trying to eat and LIVE healthier – that means I’m cooking more at home and experimenting with recipes. I thought I’d share some of my recent favorites with you.

Also – I know I’ve mentioned the Paprika app before but it’s been an absolute life saver for me. I can meal plan, make grocery lists, and save recipes without printing or clipping. Yes, I have had to buy it across all my platforms (phone, pod, and computer) which is a pain, but I use it, so completely worth it. (And no, I’m not being compensated, I just really, really think it’s awesome).

Okay let’s talk food. Click on the picture to be taken to the source and recipe.

I made this the other day and I honestly think I could eat it every day for a month. I had some pita chips to scoop up the left over salad. Add some homemade salsa from farmer’s market tomatoes and it’s awesome on a whole new level.

I LOVE this recipe for succotash with the edamame instead of limas. Pair it up with some grilled chicken and watermelon for dessert. So good. I’ve recently heard some comments about staying away from soy and edamame so we may have to switch back to limas, but either way it’s tasty.

The first time my husband tried this he swore he would need his tartar sauce (won’t eat fish without it) but the basil sauce is so good, he never even reached for it. We’ve had this A LOT since then and tartar sauce is saved for fish sticks.

It’s not summer without caprese. I love this simple side. Serve it alongside grilled chicken. So good.

I was introduced to this snack in the last month and it’s sooo good, I eat it straight out of the bowl. I’ll spoon it onto Triscuits and have a handful of grapes if I want to make it into a lunch.

So…what are some recipes you’ve tried and loved recently? Do you have a go to blog or magazine for tasty and healthy food? I want to know!!

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