Our Summer List

It isn’t sketched out on the (nonexistent) chalkboard wall. It isn’t hanging prettily from our fridge or thumbtacked to a corkboard. I had all these plans for a twee doodled list displayed in some twee crafty way but my summer scrooge got the best of me.

Our list looks like this:

It’s a short, brainstormed list written on the back of the month of May in my planner. We did it at Fantastic Sam’s while trying to keep the kids from getting bored while waiting for haircuts. When they got tired of thinking, I handed them the pen and paper and they drew on it. The heart doodle is mine though. (I’m quite the artist)

Our list isn’t chock full of every summer activity we could possibly want. It has a few big things, a few certain things (a trip to Michigan wouldn’t be complete without a rollercoaster ride or two), a few simple things. We might do all of them, we probably won’t, and I’m sure we’ll do lots of other things as well.

I love lists. I always have. And the idea of a full on comprehensive summer list a la Meg Duerksen sounds heavenly. But you know how long it took to make last year’s? Three hours. Not the list. The list took hardly any time at all. But making the pretty? Took forever. Jesse took the kids to the park and on a boat ride. I made a pretty list.

So this year we have a simple list. Made while waiting for haircuts.

And then we went out for ice cream.

Seems like a good way to start the summer.

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