Random Things

1) I am 35 years old and have lived in 30 houses. The longest I’ve lived in any home is 5 years. We’ve lived in this one less than a year and I’m already saying “when we move”.

2) Once when asked if I had to choose between children or my own personal library, I chose the library. I stand by that decision. I could have survived without becoming a mother. I could not have survived without owning some of the weathered, dog eared books that have entered my life.

3) My all time favorite gift was a spiral bound notebook and a new pen. I collect journals, papers and writing utensils to this day. I even have paper made from elephant poop.

4) V, A, and I got our first passport stamps the same year. I was 33. A was 2. My kids are spoiled.

5) I hate roses.

6) If I could attend university for the rest of the days of my life, I would. I love classes, schoolwork, and yes, even exams.

7) Being a stay at home wife and mother is the hardest thing I have ever done. But trying to juggle a career, a family, and a household sounds harder so I have nothing but respect for women who work both outside and inside the home.

8) I still have nightmares about high school.9) I learned about the Coriolis effect, outlining, and how to play chess from my favorite teacher, Mr. Wyns. I also built a very poorly constructed rocket.

10) I love camping. Cooking over a fire, drinking hobo coffee, and sleeping on the ground in the woods makes me happy.

11) The only two people who get away with calling me Katie are my father and my grandfather. Anyone else is liable to get smacked.

12) Mr. G is one of the most intrinsically intelligent people I have ever met. It drives me crazy.

13) I do not have a tendency to keep the sentimental (see #1), but I do have a children’s tea set and an E.T. mug that my mother made me in ceramics from when I was a little kid. I still drink my hot chocolate out of the mug.


15) Whenever we played “the silent game” growing up, I always lost. Even when I was trying. I just can’t NOT TALK.

16) Speaking of games, my sister and I were invented a game called “I Own” that we played in the car as kids. Anything on her side of the car was hers, anything on mine was mine. We spent years playing that game and it is one of my biggest reasons for believing that DVD players have no place in minivans.

17) Before children, I was the truest definition of a morning person. The older I get – the laster I like to sleep.

18) If I could have any meal, I would go to Manny’s. I would have the lobster cakes, a medium-rare filet mignon, a side of asparagus (no sauce), and the strawberries for dessert. With a glass of pinot noir.

19) If I’m really, really quiet – I’m really, really mad. If I’m yelling, I’ll be over it within a couple of days, TOPS.

20) I love WPR. Especially on Saturday mornings. I also love going to the cabin on the weekends so I can listen to honky tonk Saturday night on the REZ.

21) As obvious by the above, I love old country and folk. John Prine and Iris Dement’s “In Spite of Ourselves” is one of my all time favorite songs. It makes me giggle.

22) I have a clock in my house that annoys my husband to death and even me a little. I don’t care. It was my grandparents’ and I think of them every time it chimes. I miss them.

23) I balance my checkbook religiously every Wednesday. I have literally spent five hours trying to find a penny. I know that is insane but I can’t help it.

24) All of the shirts in my closet face the same way, are organized by color, and then sleeve length. My pants are organized by color and then length. Skirts, Dresses, the same. And no, I’m not OCD. I’ve been tested.

25) Thunderstorms used to scare me half to death. Until one day they didn’t. I don’t even know what happened. But I love listening to them now.

What’s a random thing about you? I want to know!

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  • I echo your sentiments about being a stay-at-home mom. I've been a working mom, too- and both are hard. Sometimes I think I'd like to go back to work just so I could have a lunch break again, though!

    Random fact about me: hmmm.

    I went to an all-women's college for two years. It was without a doubt one of the best experiences of my life!

  • I love #6 and totally agree. I've said before that if I ever win the lottery, I'd want to be a full-time student. I just wish I would have appreciated college as much when I was there.