Currently reading:: A Year of Biblical Womanhood by Rachel Held Evans as part of a book discussion. I guess it stirred up quite a bit of controversy with more complementarian circles, but I personally find it fascinating. Some of the things she decided to do (camping in her front yard during her period, sitting on the roof of her house for being “contentious”) seem a little silly to prove a point, but I admire how she decided to take on this challenge. I especially like her discussion on social justice when it comes to consumerism. I think that is probably the largest takeaway for me. I have about 1/4 left to go and then I’m going to read something a little more light.

Currently watching:: We got rid of cable for the summer to see if we could cut the cord for good. We did keep our Netflix subscription so I’ve been watching Arrested Development and the seasons of The Big Bang Theory that we’ve purchased through iTunes. I was unimpressed with this season of Mad Men but thought the last episode was great.

Current healthy living goal:: For the next year, most of my goals will probably have to do with weight loss/health. I’ve been using my UP for the last week and I have to say I really like it. I have a few friends that have one. The software allows you to create a “team” which is really helpful for accountability and motivation. The sleep tracking and alarm that you can set to remind you to move are pretty great features as well. For the next month my goal is to log 15,000 steps a day and journal every bite.

Currently eating:: This chicken and roasted potato wedges recipe from Iowa Girl Eats is one of my new favorites and I can’t wait to try these Fresh Fruit Frozen Yogurt Pops from Meet the Dubiens (love her new blog design).

Currently listening:: One of my friends recommended the band City and Colour and I’ve been playing them a lot lately while around the house. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s The Heist and Brand New have been on the iPod lately. Great running music.

Current blog loves:: I don’t how in the world I’ve missed Jen Loves Kev for so long but I just can’t get over all the cuteness. So glad I found them. One of my friends just emailed me about The Handmade Home. Great ideas for our new home!! I love this pallet table my friend Laura made. I might have to see if I can get an old pallet from Jesse’s work and make one of my own. And this post from Jessi just grabbed my heart and squeezed.

Currently knitting:: The same blanket I’ve been working on for weeks. I love doing blankets because once you get the pattern down it’s pretty easy to just sit down and work on it whenever. I hate them because they take forever. I’m using a kit and pattern from HPKY that I found at my favorite knit shop. Next up will be some new baby things (no I’m not pregnant) – baby knits are my favorite.

Currently loving:: My babes who aren’t so much babes any more. I was so terrified that summer vacation was just going to beat me down. We have moments where we are all bristling but we have more where I watch my children showing each other grace and saying things like “We do love and sharing is love. Here, you can have the last one.” and I think maybe (just maybe) they’re going to turn out okay despite me.

What’s currently going on in your life?

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  • Isn't it good to realize that you're not totally messing up your kids? I have to do little mommy mental checks about that very thing all the time. I added that Year of Biblical Womanhood to my wishlist on Amazon! I love a good memoir, but it certainly sounds kind of controversial.

  • You'll have to let me know how you like it, Sarah. I'm really looking forward to the book discussion to see what other people thought/took away from it.

  • I went through a serious City and Colour phase. Thanks for the reminder! I'm going to dig them out of my iTunes this weekend.