Hello, summer. I’m so glad you could join us in time for the fourth.

Grandpa added a slide to the dock years ago. The kiddos love it. I love watching them play on it.

Love his face. Can’t get over the fact that he’s FOUR. Hello, Molly butt.

Hello over-exposed picture that I love. Absolutely LOVE. I’m learning that even mistakes can lead to treasured pictures.

Speaking of things I can’t get over, she’ll be turning six next week.

Hello, happy little boat. Summer weekends wouldn’t be the same without you.

Hello, Friday night/Saturday movie marathon while I worked on my blanket. Watched Out of Africa, Gone with the Wind, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and on a recommendation from Jules North and South (BBC miniseries). All of them were wonderful. Though I needed Kleenex for every one except Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

This week, V will be taking part in a few fun summer classes, I’ll be cleaning and working on some house projects (I’ve got to get the contact paper finished), and planning for a few family adventures we have coming up.

What are you saying hello to this week?

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