A Day In the Life

This week is all kinds of crazy. I’m going to say that it’s great prep for school starting next week but for now, I want a really cold shower and a bed. But in a couple of hours I’m headed to A’s preschool orientation (it’s only the fourth one I’ve been to now) and if I get in the bed, I’m not getting out.

Today we left the house before 8 to get the kids to their early morning dentist appointment, headed to a sporting goods store for cleats and shin guards (they both start soccer this week), then another shoe store because the first one had the guards/socks but didn’t have the cleats in the necessary size, we then went to Target for a few schools-coming-up things, then the grocery store. When I got home, it was almost three o’clock. I prepped dinner and now I’m sitting here writing this. I don’t think it helps that it’s over 100° here but the staying up past midnight last night probably didn’t help much either. I just kept telling myself “one more row”. Is there such a think as knitting junkies? I think I’m becoming one.

I’m not complaining – even though I think it sounds a little like it – because I’m a very good kind of tired. The tired that comes from being productive and busy and useful which is lovely. I probably won’t be knitting tonight though because bed has been calling my name for the last hour.

And here’s a pretty picture from our weekend away in Door County. The whole weekend away can only be described as ridiculously lovely. We both are missing it already. I’ll share more pictures soon.

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