And I Dropped off the Face of the Earth

I have four or five almost finished posts waiting in queue. They all need a little something – some links added, a couple pictures I have need to edit. Words. And they’re all going to have to wait.I’ve been feeling kind of lousy for the last two weeks. While we were in Michigan I had a nasty sore throat but I was on vacation and didn’t want to waste it being sick. I slept in. Took naps. Drank lots of tea.I came home. Started to feel a little better for a couple of days but then not so much. Headachey, nauseous, and that stupid sore throat came back too. I thought I’d just ignore it but Jesse was scared I had strep and it would cause all kinds of awful things like kidney failure so I finally went to the Express Clinic. My strep test came back negative.My mono did not.Mono. I have been walking around pretending to not be sick for two weeks (because who has time for that) with mono. The minute she gave me an answer it was like all my mental “I’m fine.” thing came crumbling down and I just want to sleep. Or complain about how horrible I feel.Anyway…my almost finished posts are going to remain almost finished until I’m all better. See you then.Oh and if you haven’t seen Orange is the New Black on Netflix? Wow. Highly recommend.

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