As Promised…

One day we decided to visit our home town treasures. We had lunch at Country Dairy (and ice cream, of course) and visited Lewis’. And fed deer.



We also fed a camel, donkeys, goats, cows, and ostriches* (the last one we just put the food down and let them peck at it). *I stand corrected – emus.

There was a roping station:

And duck races:

And even a spiderweb to climb:

It’s a fun little place to visit and when you are done petting (feeding) the animals you can wash your hands really well and get farm fresh produce or baked goods. In our case, we got peaches and some bake at home peach pie. I won’t even tell you how much I ate of it. So good. I could list all the things I miss about Michigan but their produce…oh, I miss the produce.

Anyway…it’s true – we still pay good money to feed deer.


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  • We fed emus, which I understand are very much like ostriches. They were rather "intense" when it came to eating their feed and none of us were anxious to get nabbed with their beaks.

  • Thanks for the correction, mom 🙂 Emus. And yes, they were quite scary. I think I could have lost a finger!!