Currently reading: I don’t know why I was worried about losing my love of reading, in the last two months I’ve read quite the list. Right now, I’m reading Zealot by Reza Aslan and it’s fascinating.

Currently watching: Finishing up V’s sweater had me soaking up more television hours than I care to admit. I’ve found some great shows on Netflix that I probably never would have watched “on real television”. I find myself blushing or covering my eyes quite a bit while watching The Tudors but the storyline is amazing. Another new favorite is Orange is the New Black. Again, it can be a little graphic at times (a lot of times) but it’s both funny and heartbreaking and at the end of every episode I want to watch more (which isn’t always great for my bedtime). And finally, I’m watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer from the beginning in it’s entirety. I should be ashamed, instead I’m just loving Buffy Summers and Netflix for bringing each and every episode (like the one when Angel first turns…).

Current healthy living goal: I’ve unfortunately stopped a good majority of my better habits and really need to start getting back into the swing of things. With school starting, I don’t want to put on tons of pressure but I have started with some doable goals. This month, I want to wear my UP band, drink 100oz of water daily, and take a walk each day (even if it’s just around the block).

Currently eating: This. Is. Amazing. I’ve never been a big salmon eater and my husband swears he hates it but I wanted to give it a try (I figure if I make my kids try foods they think they don’t like, it’s only fair that I do the same) and this recipe seemed a great place to start. My husband said he’d eat it again, I loved it, and even my daughter tried it. The accompanying cabbage salad is just scrumptious and would be great just on it’s own.

Currently listening: After all the hype around the Civil Wars album I was a bit nervous to purchase it. I shouldn’t have been. It’s been the soundtrack to our life ever since I downloaded it. I also recently learned about Little Comets and I’m loving them. I think iTunes is one of the greatest inventions ever. Accessing good music is so easy.

Current blog loves: I’ve loved Karen Russell for a very long time. In fact, she was one of the very first bloggers I ever started reading. This post touched my heart and I think it might touch yours too. If it does and you can help, I hope you will. This also resonated like a tuning fork in my heart. I want this in my neighborhood – for me and for my kids. And such a simple idea.

Currently knitting: I’ve finished V’s sweater and I’ve started on A’s. While on getaway with The Mister, I found an amazing yarn shop where I picked up a pattern and the yarn for a super cute blanket that I’m going to knit up for my eagerly awaited nephew.

Currently loving: Naps and the lazy days leading up to school starting. Lego towers. Getaways with a wonderful husband. Dresses and air conditioning and pool days – summer has reared her ugly head and she is HOT. Simple things – a cup of coffee, a note from a friend, the sound of the sprinklers.

What’s current in your world?

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