Friday Finds:: Nesting

Since we’ve gotten home, I’ve had an increased energy for snuggling into this (not so) new house of ours. With the introduction to this amazing blog (thanks, Sadie) and a vision that is slowly beginning to take shape, I’m not feeling quite so overwhelmed and ready to just pack up and move again. Yes, I still want to do everything now – patience not being one of my virtues – but I may have told my husband that I could see us staying for at least another 10 years. Just don’t ask me to put that in a binding contract or anything.

With us celebrating a year here in September (how time has flown), my new appreciation for the space, and an urge to make it feel more like us, I’m looking for ways to (affordably) feather the nest. And the “shopping my home” thing is laughable considering how much stuff I don’t keep.

Well guess who just found out that H&M started a home decor line? Yup. This girl. And it’s online. I’d like to say it’s obviously fated, but that might be stretching it. Let’s just say it’s a very happy coincidence and I’ve taken advantage of it.

1. Glass Jar – $7.95
2. Metal Tin – $12.95
3. Hook -$3.95 ea.
4. Cushion Cover = $5.95
5. Linen Storage Basket – $12.95
6. Wooden Box – $12.95

That pink bakery tin is probably my favorite favorite favorite (though I’m doing it in the white) and that wooden box is sold out which is a bummer because I know exactly where and what I’d do with it.

Now it’s your turn to help this girl out and share some of your favorite home decor blogs, stores, and pinterest boards?

**P.S. This post was in no way sponsored by H&M, I just liked their stuff and wanted to share it!!

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