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I just love this time of year. Walking into a store with all those crayons, pencils, and notebooks on display just makes me absolutely giddy. It’s a schmorgesborg of my favorite things. To celebrate what is probably my favorite time of year, I thought I’d put together a list of some of my favorites and (even better) do a little giveaway.

1. Five Star Wirebound Notebook – If you’re anything like me, any old notebook just won’t do. I like a heavier cover (check), a nice college rule (check), and the ability to color coordinate colors with my folders for each class (check). Five Star Notebooks are it and that’s it.

2. Pencils & pens – This is another area where I just can’t compromise. I’ve tried just about every mechanical pencil known to man (even some of those really expensive non-disposable drafter type ones – which are a complete pain in the pocketbook to lose) and these are inexpensive and work well. And I love how the eraser works on these. As for pens, the Precise V5 is my favorite. The ink is smooth, it’s got a very fine line (which I prefer), and I can get it in fun colors. I know some go with the Uniball, but this girl likes what she likes.

3. Heart paper clips – If you’re going to have to paper clip something, you might as well make it cute.

4. Folders – These babies are the ones I’d get every single semester – I could color coordinate them with my Five Star notebooks and I kept my handouts/assignments in order. Simple and cheap.

5. Planner – If we are going to talk about my weakness, it’s the planner. And I still believe in a paper planner, I just think it’s the way to go. I actually just purchased this one to replace the one my kids doodled all over (because I’m anal about my planner) and I really like it. Lots of space to put down the important projects as well as a monthly to do list and a weekly “notes” section.

6. Backpack – One of my high school graduation gifts from my parents was a L.L. Bean backpack. I used that thing for 5 years and it held up beautifully. It had plenty of space, organized well, and wasn’t too heavy even when it was all packed up. I couldn’t find the exact same one, but if I had to purchase a backpack for myself today, this would be the one. L.L. Bean is awesome.

What is your favorite back to school purchase? Leave a comment to be entered for a $25 Amazon gift certificate. Winner will be picked on Monday using a random number generator.

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Congrats Laura!!  I’ll be in touch!

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  • Mine would have to be the planner or notebook. And can I say, I finally broke down and purchased an Erin Condren planner. I feel like I gave in to the pressure from every other work from home mom… but I just couldn't resist all of the great color schemes, organized sections, lists, and great font. If purchasing font could have been on the school supply list then it would have been my fave. Oh… that reminds me! Pens! GOOD pens! THAT is my favorite school/office supply to purchase.

  • Pens. Definitely pens. And I am one of said Uniball Vision fanatics. The ink…so smooth! The point…just the right balance between scratchy and fluid. And it has a nice weight in the hand, without being unwieldy. I feel like you can only be this obsessive about pens if you went to college before the age of laptops. When you've filled nearly 100 notebooks with lecture notes, you tend to get attached to your tools.

  • back to school shopping has always been my favorite time. getting all the kiddos ready with new school supplies is i think more fun for me than for them!
    i'm not in school, but for them i love having them pick out their backpacks. each of them have very different taste and i love to see that!

  • Love! Erin! Condren! But my last one was doodled all over by my children and I couldn't justify paying for another one when I knew my kids were just going to color all over it again. It would be so awesome if I weren't so anal about the condition of my planner.

  • I don't think I could agree more getting attached to your tools – a scratchy, goopy Bic could completely destroy my notes. I love finding people who understand the need for a good pen.

  • Do you do new backpacks every year? I'm on the fence about getting V a new one. And I'm horrible – I don't even take V shopping with me yet. I just enjoy being in the aisles with the crayons and the pencils!!

  • GREAT post! School supplies are THE BEST! Hands down… I love them! This season is my favorite shopping season. And I totally hear you about a paper planner. I refuse to keep my stuff in my phone, I need paper… EVEN IF I have to white out over things… 🙂

  • Glue sticks are magical … and not just because they start out making purple marks and turn clear when dry(although that is pretty fantastic!) I love that kids (and adults like me) don't make the same mess with glue sticks as they/we do with regular glue. Also, glue sticks don't have a scent that tempts kids to eat them. We all remember that kid who ate the paste in first grade!

  • White out! I hadn't even thought about that. Maybe I should do that instead of buying a new planner every time mine gets too messy? I bet it'd save me a TON of money!!

  • You are so right! I have my crafter pants version but the Elmer's purple-to-clear glue sticks get regular use with the kiddos!!

  • I'm a sucker for cute notebooks with pretty prints and planners. I could plan all day long every day. Unfortunately, putting that plan into action is the part where I flunk.

  • Now that I'm out of college and my notebooks don't have to match my folders (I was so anal), I love having pretty notebooks. And I know exactly what you mean about loving to plan. If I had as much energy to do as I do to plan, I could rule the world (in a good way, of course).