31 Days of Family Meals

Want to lose weight?

Want to eat healthier?

Want to spend more time as a family?

It’s simple really – sit down and enjoy at least one meal a day as a family. But as simple as it is, when you start juggling activities, and the school/house/job work that needs to be done, it really doesn’t always seem that simple.

So in September, with the beginning of school, I wanted to make dinner a special time for our family where nutritious, yummy food was enjoyed with gratitude and good conversation. To make this happen, I went into complete research mode – grabbing stacks of cookbooks, scouring recipe sites, looking up healthy food options – and started planning away. While my focus was on revamping our diet toward sustainable, organic, healthy eats, I also knew that certain family comfort foods would have to stay on the menu (though with organic or local ingredients when possible).

When the Nester posted her 31-day notification, I knew exactly what I would be sharing with you.

Each day in October, I’m going to share one recipe, one conversation starter or discussion topic, and one helpful tip. You might notice a theme – Mondays will be meatless, Tuesday will be tacos (Taco Tuesday is a tradition in this house), on Wednesdays I’ll share one of our favorite comfort food recipes, Thursday’s recipes will feature quick dinners, Friday will be seafood/fish recipes, Saturday will be breakfast (because we can’t always make dinner our family meal). On Sunday, I’ll feature the traditional big Sunday spread type meals.

I hope you’ll share your family dinner traditions and favorite recipes with me too!!

This page will share the links for each day so if you want a place to bookmark – this is your spot. Posts will go live around 6am each morning!

Day 1:: Taco Tuesday

Day 2:: Turkey Ragout

Day 3:: Simple Chicken Skillet

Day 4:: Salmon with Cabbage Salad

Day 5:: Crock Pot Steel Cut Oats

Day 6:: Pork Chops & Apples

Day 7:: Peanut Stir Fry

Day 8:: Black Bean & Sweet Potato Quesadilla

Day 9:: Mix ‘n Match Pot Pie

Day 10:: BLT sandwiches

Day 11:: Calvary Sauce

Day 12:: Frittata

Day 13:: Roasted Chicken

Day 14:: Beans and Toast

Day 15:: Taco Tuesday Round-Up

Day 16:: Ritz Casserole

Day 17:: Chinese Chicken Salad

Day 18:: Shrimp & Black Bean “Salad”

Day 19:: French Toast Casserole

Day 20:: Pesto Ranch Chicken

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