31 Day Bonus Post:: Discussion Topic List

I had a few requests to compile all the discussion topics into one form so I thought I’d make a “bonus” 31 day post for reference.

Here are all 31 discussion topics for your perusal.

1. Tell each person at the table what you like most about them.
2. If you could wake up tomorrow with any superpower, what would it be and why?
3. Would you give money to a homeless person if there is chance they could use it to by drugs/alcohol?
4. What is something you’d like (to start) to learn how to do in the next year?
5. What is one of your favorite characters in a book/movie? What do you like about them?
6. If you could have picked your own name, what would you have chosen?
7. What would a perfect day look like? What would you do? Who would spend it with?
8. Share a favorite memory.
9. Name three things you’d like to have on a deserted island. (Remember – there’s no electricity for charging things on a deserted island!!)
10. Share something you’re afraid of.
11. If you could invite anyone to dinner (alive or dead) who would you choose? What would you want to talk to them about?
12. What do you think is the best part of being an adult? A kid?
13. What is something we could do as a family to make the world a little better?
14. If you could take a vacation anywhere – where would you want to go? What would you like to do?
15. Name one virtue and one limitation you have.
16. If you could speak an animal language for one day which animal would you choose?
17. What do you think is the proper etiquette for cell phone usage – at home, with friends, at a restaurant, in other public places?
18. Name an imaginary creature or extinct animal you would bring to life if you could.
19. If you had to spend all weekend (both day and night) in a store – which store would it be?
20. Should the school principal be allowed to randomly search lockers/backpacks?
21. Fill in the blank: I wish…
22. Name three places you’d never go. Three places you’d love to go.
23. You see someone being picked on or bullied but you don’t know them well. How do you handle that situation?
24. Name all the pets you’ve had.
25. What is your favorite way to relax?
26. If you could pick one item you currently have and it would never break, wear out, or get lost which would you choose?
27. If you could convince all of your friends to share your opinion about one thing – what would it be?
28. Which of the following would you pick to be: really strong, really fast, or really tall?
29. What is something you’ve accomplished that when you began doing it, you thought would be impossible to do?
30. What is your favorite thing to have for dinner? (This one does double duty as research!!)
31. What are three things that make our family great?

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