Day 10: BLT Sandwiches

These are a great follow up to the taco because they use up any leftover lettuce or tomato we may have and they’re quick. We often have them before a soccer practice evening or when we have lots to do. I stand at the stove, the Mister mans the toast station, and the kids can add their own lettuce and tomato. Granted we aren’t all “sitting down together” because they don’t all get done at the same time and they are best when the bacon is hot (in my opinion) but we’re still all talking and hanging out which is nice to do before a busy night.

The Recipe

-large leaf lettuce (we always have iceberg on hand after tacos, otherwise I like a butter lettuce)
-tomato slices
-bacon – we use ones minus nitrates (if you can find it by the slab and cut it off yourself even better)

I think you can probably figure these on your own but here’s how we do them one at time:
1. Slice tomato, wash and remove leaves of lettuce
2. Fry enough bacon for one sandwich while making toast
3. Put it all together and add butter, mayo, or miracle whip to your taste. I eat mine “dry” and love it.
4. Expect requests for seconds.

The Discussion

Share something of which you’re afraid.

The Daily Tip

Growing up, both of my parents worked outside the home but that didn’t mean we were going out to eat or picking up take out. Some of my favorite dinners were quick & simple fair – fried egg sandwiches (I try and weasel one out of my dad every time I go home to visit), crackers & cheese served with a side of carrot and celery sticks, chips and cheese and a side of salsa. Low key nights at our house were awesome – especially when they landed on my dish night. I try to keep that in mind when I don’t have the energy or time to do a “big” meal.

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