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We went to Mexico over Christmas vacation. My husband’s family takes a trip somewhere warm each year and it’s a wonderful week of the cousins playing and adults sharing stories and memories being made. I took nine pictures the whole time we were gone. Nine. {Yes, I’m kicking myself}

Eight that involved Abram, his dad’s cowboy hat, and the beach and then this one:

At one point, Jesse started to roll over only to bump into Abram and stop. Then Abram shifted a little so Jess could roll over some more. A five minute roll and wiggle had them sleeping just as closely but with Jess on his back and Abram in the nook of his arm – and my heart melted.

I got zero pictures of Violet but she had moment that will live on in the family lore forever. AFter a little sassy episode, it was decided that she would need to go back to the room for an attitude change. She decided she wanted to play a game of cat and mouse (that girl can run) but Jesse eventually got her and hoisted her over his shoulder. She immediately started screaming, “Put me down. I don’t know you. Put me down. You’re not my daddy.”

I started researching the boarding school option for when she’s older, but I’ve been told that only people who don’t like their children do that.

And I do like her. A lot.

I don’t like being outsmarted by her though.

Parenting can be amazingly humbling, can’t it?

The day back was horrendous because it was just when we really got hit by the polar vortex and our car wouldn’t start and everyone was grouchy and I realized something:

I’m getting better about biting my tongue. Not great. And I love a “huffy” like nobody’s business…but I don’t feel the need to share every single negative, grumpy, irritated thought that goes through my head. And friends, as progress goes, that is giant gold star time in my little corner of the world. So self high-five, I’m one more step away from being a 35 year old toddler.

And finally, the blog might be quiet in 2014: I’m re-establishing some habits that have slipped during holiday season and I have a lot of goals that need my attention (knitting and reading and SCHOOL, oh my!!) but I’m going to try and check in at least weekly. No promises. BUT if you plug me in your reader you’ll be sure not to miss anything (shameless plug).

Hope your 2014 is off to a great start. Did you make any resolutions?

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  • That's funny… We are SERIOUSLY considering sending our 14 year old to boarding school. We love her very much… But she is HARD, if not difficult to near impossible, to live with and we're realizing that our sanity and quality of life has to be worth something. Plus having to have motion detectors in the halls at night and hide our car keys all seems a bit to "lock down" extreme…

  • That does sound VERY difficult. I sometimes think my mom MUST have been tempted when I was younger. Sheesh. It might have been better for both of us thinking about some of the fights we had!