A lot of nothing

Today I sat down and organized a bunch of pictures on the computer. I’m actually quite good at keeping my pictures organized (at least on my computer), but Jesse gave me a flash drive with a bunch of pictures a few months ago and the duplicates…oh dear Lord, the duplicates. I’ve been picking at it here and there but decided that since I’m feeling a little under the weather that I’d just sit down and power through it today. It took about an hour and I don’t have anything really tangible to show for my hard work. Except for the fact that my files look pretty again:

I also pulled together all the tax information and got it ready to send over to the accountant.

And ordered some Heartguard for the dog.

And started researching different record keeping systems – family binders, filofax, Arc systems, bullet journals. (HUNDREDS!!) My systems have kind of disintegrated over the last year and I’m researching methods to keep it all and organize it. Thoughts? Suggestions? Products you love?

Basically, I’ve accomplished a lot of stuff that looks like nothing. Got to love days like that!

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