Game Night

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The game situation in our house was completely out of control. We had them stashed all over – kids’ bedrooms, kitchen junk drawers, living room end table, basement craft center – EVERY. WHERE. Boxes were broken, pieces willy nilly, and any time we wanted to sit down and play – we had to look in fifteen different places to find the game and then go hunting to make sure all the pieces were where they should be.

So I decided to take advantage of the snow day on Friday and round them all up, sort them out, discard the boxes that were destroyed, and make a game cabinet. As we add to our collection, I might migrate it to a larger cabinet, but for now this one works just fine.

I used and labeled ziploc bags to store pieces and cards and then corralled them all in a plastic container I picked up at Target ages ago to store toys (that have since been donated). I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

Here are some of our favorite family games:

Spot It– super fun, fast, and the whole family can play

Blokus– my parents introduced the kids to this a few weeks back and after a whole lot of begging, I went out and bought it. We’ve had a lot of fun playing – especially because the 4 year old is just as capable of winning as the 40 year old but it’s not a game of chance.

Othello – we haven’t played with this one with kids yet, but Jesse and I have been known to let this settle who is doing the night’s dishes.

Guess Who? – the kids play this one A. LOT.

Farkle – this is another one that the adults tend to play while the kids are out doing other things. It’s very easy to learn and is a good mix of luck and knowing when to quit.

IQ Twist – This single person game is perfect for long car rides. Or if you are like my sister and I – timed competitions.

And spoons. I love a good game of spoons, though you need to pick your competitors carefully. People have been known to get injured.

Do you have a family favorite?

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