The Small Miracles

It’s been so. bitterly. cold. this winter. We’ve been cooped up inside the stale air with a never ending case of the sniffles. And I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve walked around wiping down doorknobs and light switches. There’s a rumor going around that the temps are going to rise to a balmy +20° which is wonderful, because we’re all a little stir crazy and sick of each other.

When the kids sat down one afternoon and played Lego for hours I was thrilled. No fighting. No arguing. Just working together quietly.

When they were done, they even picked up all the pieces they had dumped from all of the containers (Mom helped a little too) which was a pretty big job. They have, in fact, learned not to dump them out anymore, but dig through the containers for the piece they want instead.

It’s the small miracles.

We’ll build on those. And look forward to the warmer weather when we can get out in the snow.

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