And I’m Back…

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If you didn’t happen to read the update on the last post – the weaning process lasted two weeks before I just said, “this isn’t working” and started back up on my meds. It was a little more involved than that, but the general gist is that Prozac and I may be friends for life and I’m okay with that.

In other news, it’s almost April. I have no idea where my March went but I got very little on my list accomplished so hopefully April is a little more productive. And after the dreadful winter we’ve had, I’m ready for the thaw, the garden planning, and the window washing – I might even ENJOY window washing this year since it means spring is finally here.

On the home front, we have family coming into town for Easter and we’re busily working on putting in a new shower (we ripped one out a few months back but never got around to putting in the new one), hanging curtains (we’re a peeping tom’s dream – we’ve lived here over a year and still haven’t managed to get curtains on the majority of main floor windows), and generally organizing and updating things that we’ve been putting off simply because we haven’t had any driving force. Adding to the excitement, I bought a new shower curtain liner today for the kids bath. Definitely blog worthy stuff over here.

As for the books, I read four in March (one short of my goal) and didn’t buy a single one. That means I’ve made it 1/4 of the year without buying myself a single book. I AM however leaning pretty heavily on family for the newest and upcoming releases of the clothbound classics I collect (hint,hint, hint, hint, AND hint).

Are you looking forward to anything in April?

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