On Friends & Crutches

Two things I want to say:

1) On Friends:

The last few months I’ve really been thinking about friendships. I’ve mentioned this a gazillion times, but about seven years ago I looked around and realized I needed to make women friends. I made a plan, executed that plan, and started developing friendships. It was longer and more complicated than that but if you’ve read me for any length of time you’ve read it and if you haven’t, well, maybe I’ll share it again sometime since UpsideDown Kate (the blog I wrote it all at) no longer exists. The point in all of this: I made friends. And that was a really big deal for me.

But lately I’ve really been struggling with friendships. Like how do you know when to bite your tongue and nod or when to advise caution/disagree? (Take a guess which side I tend to land on most often.) Or how do you know when to put up boundaries or when to love them through? I read on a pinterest thing the other day that if hanging out with a person drains you – you’re supposed to drop them (those aren’t the exact words, but it was the mindset) but that doesn’t seem like friendship. Another said that if a friend is there for the ups but not the downs – they aren’t a friend. But what if they are only there for the downs? That doesn’t seem like friendship to me either. (Maybe the problem is that I’m looking at pinterest snippets for friendship advice). But really, when it’s all said and done:

What makes a good friend?

And how do you know when you have one? And how do you know if it’s time to let it go? And what are some of the things you do to insure you’re being a good friend?

And because I can’t let a single post go by without mentioning my busted up foot (seriously, ALL. THE. TIME. with this thing)

2) Crutches: I don’t remember them being this much of an ab workout. Or I’m using them wrong. Either way, my abs are soooooore and that makes me feel out of shape and old.

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  • Friendships are a journey and so much about what you are creating than about just what kind of friend you are. I often wonder too how to be just what another needs or trying to pick friends I can have this epic kindred connection with and realize that I often over think my relationships instead of just enjoying them and breathing life into them. I don't have just one best friend but rather a beautiful collection of so many friends who each bring something unique and precious into my life. Just my thoughts off the top of my head… 🙂