Sunk Costs Don’t Count

Cleansing and an economics lesson all in one post. You luckies, you.

About a month back I decided that I would jump on the bandwagon and try a 3-day juice cleanse. I’d heard good things about BluePrint and their juices so I talked with Jess, planned the start on the calendar, and placed my order.

I’m supposed to be on day 2. I’m not. I really felt weird and icky yesterday and while I know those are normal detox reactions and they go away and you feel dynamite if you power through – I am not a girl who powers through. I’m not. And I know that about myself. So this morning, I got up, ate a couple boiled eggs and a banana, and figured 24 hours of cleansing is better than no cleansing at all.

A couple thoughts on the cleanse:

1) I take all responsibility for the cleanse not going as well as I had hoped. I wasn’t as diligent about the pre-cleanse process as I should have been and while I didn’t really indulge in the three days leading up to it – I wasn’t nearly as strict as I could have been either.

2) The juices are delicious. I ordered the Renovation but if I had to choose to do it again, I’d go with the Foundation because I prefer the green juice to the C.A.B. that’s in the Renovation. No matter what you do when you include beets, I just taste dirt. My son, on the other hand, had a couple of sips of it and thought it was amazing. He doesn’t like meat either, so there is no accounting for tastes.

3) I was not hungry, did not feel deprived, and none of the drinks was truly off-putting. The Pineapple/Apple/Mint and Spicy Lemonade were absolutely delicious. I struggled at times more because I was consuming a LOT of liquid (they recommend drinking at least 18 oz of water between each bottle) and less because of taste. The cashew milk was a little gritty and VERY rich so if you’re a texture person, that’s something to keep in mind, but they give you straining directions if you like a smoother texture.

4) Because I had scheduled it before I hurt my foot, I decided to go forward. But a cleanse is…well…cleansing. I don’t recommend doing it when you don’t have quick and easy access to a restroom. Had I had an easier time getting to and from the bathroom, I might have continued with it. TMI, yes, but also valuable information.

Now about how “sunk costs don’t count”: It’s a statement that was DRILLED into my head by an economics professor because as humans we tend to be a little illogical about using things for which we’ve already paid. It’s a sunk cost. For example, I have tickets to see a play when a friend I haven’t seen in forever says she’s coming into town and wants to go out to dinner. Just because I’ve purchased the tickets and can’t recoup the cost, doesn’t mean that I should turn her down and head to the play. The money is gone whether I go or not. I should do whatever will ultimately be in my best interest or bring me the most satisfaction. I have since carried on the lesson and drilled it into my husband’s head so today when I was struggling with my decision to stop, he kindly reminded me that sunk costs don’t count. And now, if you ever need an excuse to not use something you’ve purchased that is unpleasant but can’t be returned…you can thank my economics professor.

**This post was not sponsored in any way and is my personal experience. If you’ve used a cleanse in the past, I’d be interested to hear about your experience and what company you’ve used.

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  • Hey – are you going to finish the cleanse? I will take the juices if you don't want them, I have been wanting to try this!

  • Also I will give you some $$ for them – I was leery about sinking money into something I wasn't sure would be worth it but if you have some extras lying around maybe I could do a 1 day cleanse and see if I want to order more.