Things to Knit

I have another week where I’m not supposed to put any weight on my foot. I ignored the doctor’s directions over the weekend while my family was in town only to realize that maybe those extra years of schooling have given them some knowledge I should be heeding. So I’m elevating and icing and putting no weight on it at all (Megs, be proud of me) despite the fact that my house is a mess (stupid Easter basket grass goes everywhere!!) and I’m going a little crazy because I feel completely useless.

To help with the crazies, I’ve been working on my mom’s sweater. And working on it, and working on it, and working on it. This collar is taking forever and I haven’t even started the sleeves yet. I love how it’s turning out but any long project like this has me dreaming up other things to knit.

Books and knitting patterns – there will never be enough time to enjoy all the ones I like.

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  • Ya know, you could always finish the sweater early and give some other options for Christmas….I like a lot of the ones on today's blog. 🙂