Trying to Get Back in the Groove

Wanting to write and being able to write have not been in agreement lately SO I decided I’m just going to write – crap and filler and random bits of nonsense (you’re welcome) – until the words come again.  Hopefully (for both our sakes) they come soon.

Maybe I should accept that I am not going to get to do everything I want to do with this one life.

I love when the house is filled with the noises of everyone getting along and doing their thing.

People would say I may want to be a hobby farm person, but I am NOT a hobby farm person.

I don’t understand people who don’t like reading books.  I just don’t.

When I wake up in the morning, I’m usually having my hair twisted out of my head by a snuggly little buddy.

I lost my set of baby rings when I was in middle school.  My necklace (that I wore them on) snapped and they scattered all over the floor.  I looked and looked but never found them.  And that still makes me sad over 20 years later.

Life is whatever you choose to make of it.

My past is my story.

I get annoyed when there is a lot of noise or commotion going on around me.

Parties are both fun and nervewracking.

I wish we all had equal access to the necessities in life.

Dogs are part of a well lived life.

Cats are the best foot warmers.

Tomorrow I REALLY need to pick up my house.

I have low tolerance for bullshit.

I’m totally terrified of not being loved – even when I know I am.

I wonder why I am so quick to find faults in myself and others.

Never in my life have I  ever been 100% doubt free.  I’m jealous of people who are certain.

High school was not “my glory days”.  Thankfully.

When I’m nervous I either start laughing hysterically or get red in the face and whoozy.  Neither is flattering.

One time at a family gathering, I was really exhausted so I left early but forgot my purse.  When I went back in to get it, a family member wasn’t being very nice about me so I totally lost my cool and started screaming at everyone. When it was all over – I don’t know who was more embarrassed – me or him.

Take my advice:  Leave the gun.  Take the cannoli.

Making my bed is one of the few things I do that stays done until I undo it.

I almost always am a messy mix of cynic and mush.

I’m addicted to books, knitting, books about knitting, and Sephora.

I want someone to teach me how to read and knit at the same time.  And clean the food that gets caught in the sink.  Yuck.

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