A Conversation with Abram

I was just talking this morning about how I love my night time conversations with the kids. Tonight I got to tuck Abram in again and I decided I would take the moment to prep him for taking the worm he brought home from preschool and putting it in the garden tomorrow:

Me: Abram, I know you want to keep wormy in his cup, but he won’t be happy there. He needs room to dig and tunnel. That’s why your teacher told you we should put him in the ground.

Abram: But Wormy wouldn’t stay in our garden. He’d go all around the town. And then go out into the road. And get SMOOSHED. And then I would be sad because some car would SQUISH him and I never get to see him again. (Cue tears)

Me: Maybe we could put him into the part of the garden with the fence. Then he’d have to stay in the garden.

Abram (not to be outsmarted by mom logic): No, mom. Worms like to jump. They can’t jump as high as skyscrapers, but he could probably jump out of the garden fence. Or smoosh himself really small and sneak through the fence. And then I’d never see him again (more tears).

So the question remains: how exactly does one house a worm?!?

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