Reading: I haven’t picked up much since I shared my books read post and if I don’t want to fall behind on my 50 book goal, I need to pick up the pace. I did start An Everlasting Meal and I’ve been looking through scores of friends-given-magazines (godsends, my friends). Thankfully, I’ve also been given quite a few book recommendations. I’m supposed to wear this boot for about another five weeks but I’m off the pain medication. Hopefully I’ll be able to read more or my brains might turn to mush and run out my ears with all the television I’ve been watching.

Watching: What am I not watching? I’ve rewatched all but the last Harry Potter movies and that’s the plan for tonight. I’m loving the new season of Game of Thrones and this season of Mad Men is redeeming the previous two. This last episode when the partners sit down with Don…PERFECT ending. I’m looking forward to next week. I’m also watching Once Upon a Time. Jules has this theory that shows tend to go downhill in their third season and I’d have to say this show is holding true to that maxim. It’s still watchable, but a lot of the magic has been lost for me this season. Maybe because I was never a fan of the whole Wizard of Oz thing? I don’t know…Do you watch it?

Goals: After walking away from the cleanse, I’d have to say my major goal this month is to just get my foot healed. My house is messy, I have an abundance of projects I want to complete in the yard, and we finally are having spring (though you might not know it this week) so I want to get out and enjoy!!

I’d also like to break out my big camera more this month. I haven’t been using it very much but I recently took a Lightroom class and I’d like to put some of this new editing knowledge to use.

Eating: I just ended that three one day cleanse and my stomach is feeling a little skittish. I’ve been eating plenty of salads and drinking my favorite mojito tasting juice as well as the green juice but I’m not really ready to take on much more than that right now. I wonder how I would have felt had I finished the whole thing?!?

Listening: I need some good music recommendations. I haven’t been listening to much lately besides the house music that Jess plays when he is working at night. I still can’t get over his spotify music choices.

Blog watching: I’ve been reading knitting bloggers like crazy lately. And the pictures onAlicia Paulson’s blog are simply breathtaking (as is everything else she does). If it wouldn’t be completely weird inviting someone who has no idea who I am over for tea and knitting, she would definitely garner an invite. I stumbled on How Sweet Eats a few months ago and the recipes are great but I absolutely ADORE the crumbs. She’s got great beauty finds and random bits and she makes me laugh so hard. I’d love to swill a cocktail with Jessica. What is it exactly that makes me thing bloggers = sharing a beverage? Non-bevarage related blogging news: THIS. Elizabeth Esther knocks this post on mis-using the bible out of the PARK. And I can say that because I’m guilty of doing each and all of those at one time or another.

Knitting: I can not finish my mom’s sweater for the life of me. With as much lying about as I’ve been doing, I told her I’d have it done by her birthday but this collar is taking me a lot longer to finish than I anticipated. I LOVE the pattern and the yarn is GORGEOUS. I’m using Brown Sheep’s Lanaloft sports weight in Purple Iris. My gauge seems to be running a little high but when I knit the test swatch it came out perfect so I have my fingers crossed it fits her well. I found the pattern in Green Gables Knits by Joanna Johnson. I love this book. It shares pictures from L.M. Montgomery’s Collection, quotes from “Anne of Green Gables” and every single pattern is one I want to knit. After this I have a few other Christmas presents to finish and I want to try a pair of socks.

Loving: Night-time snuggles with my kids. It terrifies me to no end how close Abram is getting to kindergarten. He’s still my snuggly little boy and our evening conversations make me laugh. I recently wrote down the highlights of one simply because I don’t ever want to forget how adorably clever and silly and wonderfully his little boy brain works. And Violet amazes me with her stubborn refusal to just close her eyes and sleep. She simply WILL NOT SLEEP until she has exhausted one of us into falling asleep with her. In the last few weeks, we’ve just given in and have started lying with her until she sleeps. I’m getting better at staying awake longer than her, but not much.

So what are currently enjoying, loving, doing this month? Do you have some music recommendations you can give me (I like everything)?

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