I am horrible patient. My doctor gives me permission to be out of my boot and in practical shoes for two hours a day and I decide that must equal a pretty pair of sandals for date night and too much barefoot traipsing about the house. I’ve paid for it this weekend and had to take pain medicine for the first time in weeks. I hate it but I’ll be putting on the boot and behaving myself.

The sweater I’ve been working on for my mom is done minus the blocking and I’ve started a scarf I’ve worked on at least 50 different times and ripped out an equal number. It had me slipping the first stitch purl wise with yarn in front and the edge just wasn’t looking like the twisted chain I was expecting. Finally I started flipping through some of my books and realized that I was holding the yarn all wrong for the first purl stitch of my needle. Problem solved – my edge looks like it should – however, I have about two year’s worth of knitting that’s been wrong. I love this hobby because when I figure something out I get the thrill of learning something new, but I’ve also never done anything that can make me feel stupid. My friend Laurie said it perfectly: It’s one of those things you can be good at but never really master.

Life has been quiet and sweet and good but I could definitely use some Netflix recommendations. I struggling to find things to watch and have begun re-watching some old favorites. I absolutely love North and South (the BBC version). Richard Armitage makes me absolutely swoon.

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