Lessons from the Summer


1. “It” really does do go by faster than you could imagine. Abram turned five. Violet, seven. All three of us are heading back to school in September and it seems like just yesterday that they were babies. It seems like just like yesterday I was a baby.

2. I don’t enjoy reading out loud. I’ll do it – especially if one of my little’s ask – but it makes me a little crazy because it’s so sloooooow.

3. I’ve been purling the first stitch all wrong for the last two years (and now I know the right way to do it).

4. I should never buy another piece of jewelry. I wear my diamond earrings, my Stony Lake necklace, and the ring Jesse bought me when I had Abram. And that’s it. All the rest just makes a big mess in my jewelry box.

5. I like road trips with my kids.

6. If Jesse isn’t around, I really can remove a fish from my hook without cutting my hands or squealing like a girl. But only because I have to.

7. When the doctor tells me to take it easy and rest, I really should take it easy and rest.

8. Birkenstocks are really, really supportive shoes. (And I guess they are fashionable?)

9. I like jersey sheets. Except for folding them or making the bed with them. So basically, just sleeping on them.

10. We have hummingbirds in our yard.

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  • "It" FLIES! And I kind of wish "it" didn't!

    Purling is something you do in knitting right? I crochet and I'm always learning something that I do wrong/different compared to everyone else! I've fixed a few of my bad habits, but I still have a long way to go!

    Hummingbirds are great! We had some this spring and early this summer, but I haven't seen them in a while. I hope yours stick around!

  • You are correct! Purling is a type of stitch in knitting. I would LOVE to learn crochet. I see so many beautiful crocheted things but I need another hobby like I need a hole in the head 🙂

    I'm sure our hummingbirds will take off by the time fall starts to roll around but I loved seeing them. I didn't think we'd get them in our little corner of suburbia!! I'll have to put out a feeder next year.