Happy Anniversary

I’ve been married to the most wonderful man for 12 years. To celebrate we spent the first night at the family cabin and the following morning headed into Minneapolis for amazing food, a great show, and more amazing food. Then we came home and loved on our babies a little

Friday night fish-fry in the Northwoods. And a Shirley Temple (because I’m still a ten year old).

We ended up with a free room upgrade because of an overbooking.

We were WAY up in the tower and below a rooftop wedding ceremony was being set up. We didn’t actually get to see the wedding but I loved watching people arrive.

Our favorite restaurant is not the place for a vegetarian but their steaks are divine and their lobster cakes unbelievable.

I laughed so hard. And was ashamed of myself for laughing so hard. I was certain we would all be smote for attending such an irreverent show, but it really was just too funny.

The next morning we had brunch at a place recommended by one of my favorites (this girl needs to have a lifestyle blog or something – she’s way better than Gwyneth) and it was AMAZING. I had bourbon glazed french toast with pecans. To. DIE.

We came home to these pretty flowers and happy children. Dumped water on our heads and made a donation for the ALS challenge and are now back to life as normal.

Feeling very, very blessed.

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