Monday Madness

I can’t believe it’s Monday again already. Our to-do list was overly adventurous this weekend (I wanted to reorganize/purge the garage and utility room and get the whole house before school organized) and not everything got completed. I’m going to be super busy this week finalizing all the pre-school organizations but the good news:

1) I have the kid’s responsibility charts completed.

2) All school supplies, school shoes, school clothes are purchased and organized and ready to go.

3) My responsibility chart and daily schedule are starting to take shape in my mind. The blog might start to get quiet in September as I’ll be taking two classes towards my MLIS.

4) I have tuition paid, books ordered, and syllabi reviewed for those two classes.

5) This time of year is my absolute favorite. Back to school is a natural “reset” and I’m just humming with new plans and goals. Throw in new notebooks, pens, and pencils – I’m in heaven.

As soon as I finish up here, I’m going to tackle a 10 minute purge. Basically, if you’ve never done one before – you grab a bag or box and walk through your house and toss anything within eye line that you don’t find useful or beautiful. I don’t go through drawers and I ignore the little knick-knack that I don’t want to keep but don’t want to toss. Instead I just focus on the piles of random nonsense that we all seem to end up having – magazines, catalogs, that toy no one plays with and have no idea how we acquired. I was doing them about once a month but got out of the habit but think it’s time to reinstate them.

Then it’s grocery store, kitchen cleaning, and cleaning/sorting/lining a few cabinets.

What are you looking forward to this Monday?

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