The Muppet

Molly is the third dog that has come in to our life since Jesse and I were married. After the first two, I didn’t know if we’d ever get another. Lucy (Jesse’s first dog EVER and the dog love of his life) was amazing but at her six month vet appointment we found out that she had a genetic kidney disease that would progress rapidly. While we adored every single second with her, she didn’t even make it to her second birthday before it was time to let her go.

We picked up Sunny on a whim. It was completely my mistake. I’d been without a dog for three years, I wanted one, and I didn’t bother to think that a three year old, a just-over-one-year-old, and a puppy might be a little more than this momma could handle (which of course it was). When we had some food guarding episodes that resulted in Jesse (and then Violet) being bit, we gave her back to the breeder.

A few years later, I started looking around again. Occasionally I’d email the Mister a puppy picture and get nothing but “NO” in response. After a few months, he started talking about maybe getting a dog and how maybe this time we shouldn’t get a golden retriever because Lucy was just too precious and we’d never love another golden like her.

So I started looking at golden doodles. And about fell out of my chair. Spending a ton of money on a dog that was essentially a mutt had absolutely no appeal. But we kept coming back to this one breeder. The prices were high (they were everywhere) but not as high as some and they looked to really love their dogs, and their puppies were ADORABLE. (The health guarantee that allowed us to keep the dog even if something was wrong was a huge decider.) So I called her and we talked. And we talked some more.

And then Jesse and I talked. And talked some more. We spent over a month teetering back and forth before deciding to put down a deposit on a future litter. After our last two experiences, we really wanted to do the right thing. We both felt that having a dog would be a wonderful addition if it was the right dog but we didn’t want to repeat the mistakes of the past. And then we put down the deposit and teetered back and forth about whether it was the right time. I don’t think the two of us have ever been so undecided.

When we finally went to pick up Molly, the kids and Jesse played with her while I talked to the breeder about training, food, and adjusting the puppy to her new home. She was an adorable and goofy and looked like a Muppet with her long eyelashes and floppy, curly-furred ears. When it was time to go, she curled up in my lap and rode the whole way home without fuss.

She’s still goofy – she loves Abram’s socks (and only his) and will walk around with one in her mouth whenever she can. She’s been known to go and search one out of the laundry basket which just makes me laugh. She’s unbelievably soft after a grooming and I could just sit and pet her all day. She loves attention and will sit at your feet and just vibrate until you lean down to pat her (she used to jump and nudge your hand like crazy, but we’ve been working with a trainer on that).

She’s been a good decision and I’m grateful. A family just feels “more right” with a dog. And having her curled up on my feet during the winter while I knit? Heaven.

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