First Day

I sent my babies off to school today. Both of them.

And I’m getting a little misty as I type that. Because it’s been seven years since I’ve had at least one of those critters at home. SEVEN. That’s not really a long time but it is a really long time and the house is quiet. Which is perfect, because I’m back at school.

I started off by taking two classes but decided yesterday that I would only take one. For a lot of reasons.

1) We have a vacation scheduled during my semester and I want to be able to work ahead. One of the classes didn’t allow for that and I didn’t want to be doing school work on vacation.

2) I think easing back into this school thing is probably a good idea.

3) I want to be able to enjoy my life AND enjoy school. I could probably do both and still take two classes, but probably not as much as if I just took one.

4) Money. Tuition is expensive and I can think of other ways to spend that money right now.

5) Christmas knitting. I know. It’s an absolute ridiculous reason to drop a class BUT it is an absolutely ridiculous legitimate reason. I’ve got projects and projects and projects to finish before December 25th and writing paper after paper each week makes that almost impossible. (See also #3 – I can’t enjoy life if I’m not knitting.)

6) I want a clean house. If I’m at school the whole time my kids are at school…no clean house.

7) I’m not ready to shut down the blog. And I would have to. (Again, #3.)

BUT, I’m taking a class. And I’m reading the textbook and I’m stupid happy because library science, people. It’s awesome. I couldn’t even shut up about all the interesting first chapter snippets I read over the weekend (the people spending the weekend with me LOVED it, I can assure you) and I’ve already got a good start on my paper for next week. I’m the biggest, happiest dork EVER.

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