Monday, Monday

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Upwards to 80, sun shining. Jesse had a work function so the kids and I thought we’d take a walk in a local wooded area. The mosquitos were terrible; we lasted less than a half an hour before we turned around. When we got back home, the swimsuits came out and they played with a Rubbermaid container, the hose, and their snorkel gear for over two hours. It was heavenly.

With no school today, we were hoping to go to the zoo. But the forecast is chilly and calls for rain and we don’t have any rain gear. I looked to see if I could find rain coats at the local sporting goods stores and Target but no luck.

So we went for a “hilly ride” and then came home. I have some cleaning I’d like to get done.

It’s not nearly as fun as the zoo, but it’s the way it goes.

Fall has definitely returned today and the rainy skies and cool temperatures scream for down comforters and nap times.

I think I’ll have to crank some tunes, poor myself a hot cuppa, and get moving. Happy Monday! What are you up to today?

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