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I wasn’t sure about joining The Nester’s 31-day-challenge this year. I tossed around a few ideas but nothing really caught my attention. Then I decided I’d just skip it and focus on house projects that have been nagging at me for the past two years. Enter my internet girl crush, Jules, and her blog, Pancakes and French Fries. She startedThe William Morris Project ages ago and it’s been a long time favorite feature of mine – she tackles creating a more intentional home with humor, honesty, and a heavy dose of reality. After talking to Jules (and her warning that it would kick my butt), I decided that blogging about thirty-one days of making my home more useful and beautiful was the accountability I needed.


Some of the projects I’m hoping to tackle:

Day 1: – Purge/organize master closet
Day 2: – Purge/organize pantry
Day 3: – Unpack grandma’s china
Day 4: – Remove wall decal from hall
Day 5: – Replace broken bookcase in family room
Day 6: – Create a homework/paper/school stuff storage solution
Day 7: – Update the Master List
Day 8: – Purge/organize family desk area & Locate/organize important papers

– Create a momma’s tool box
– Purge/organize laundry room cupboard
– Purge/organize utility room (I’m breaking this down into multiple/smaller projects)
– tools
– seasonal decor
– household items
– Rewire parking meter lamp
– Have vanity/bench repaired/refinished
– Get curtains/rods for living room/front room
– Paint basement
– Sand/paint Violet’s nightstand
– Paint 1/2 bathroom
– Purge/organize garage shelving
– Replace knob on my side table.
– Add shelving system to spare room/craft room
– Purge/organize kitchen junk drawer(s)
– Reorganize medicine storage
– Purge/organize craft supply
– Scrape and replace caulk in MBR shower
– Scrape and replace caulk around kitchen sink
– Organize/purge/add shelving to cleaning closet
– Organize pictures
– Put pictures in/hang large collage frame
– Move clock/touch up paint in front room
– Replace or repaint mailbox post
– Replace Abram’s broken light fixture
– Scrape star stickers off guest bedroom/craft room ceiling
– Change over entry-way bins from fall to winter gear
– Purge/organize kids’ bathroom closets
– Purge/organize MBR undersink storage
– Purge/organize make-up/skin care drawer
– Purge organize upstairs hall closet
– Adapt upstairs hall closet to linen closetI know I listed more than 31 things.


Some days, if I’m lucky, I might tackle two projects. Some of these will be finished outside the 31 day window. But if there is one thing I’ve learned about keeping a home is that “useful and beautiful” is a constantly changing definition so the updating and changing of the list is continual. This is a good place to start, for now. Hope you’ll join me!!

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