A Good Weekend

About a month ago, my sisters, mom and I decided to see Gone Girl together. My mom and I both read and enjoyed the book so we were looking forward to it. Then about a week ago, I got a text saying she thought it might be a little too risqué to see with her daughters (you know, Ben Affleck full frontal and everything else) so we went back and forth trying to figure out if we were all going to try and get together.

I headed over to my parents’ on Friday night and enjoyed fish fry, knitting, and the gubernatorial debate (that actually wasn’t enjoyable, but I think it’s important to know these things). On Saturday, my mom agreed to visit two local yarn shops with me which (I should have called first) happened to be closed (like chain the doors kind, which makes me sad) so we had a late lunch, visited Target, and a couple of consignment stores.

On Sunday, we met my sisters at an amazing shop, had lunch, and headed to the mall. I got to see my dolly of a nephew, catch up with the sissies I missies (I am a dork, but I had to throw that rhyme in there), and finish almost all of my Christmas shopping which puts me a little ahead of schedule (I like to be done BEFORE Black Friday, because people go crazy-town after that). When I say ahead of schedule, I just mean with shopping – many of my knitting presents are going to be New Year presents.

 And then I decided to try and get a shot of myself using one of the many mirrors in the shop because I’m going to make an attempt to embrace the camera, if only to say “shut up, voice in my head, I’m doing it anyway.” Of eleven shots, these are the two I’m keeping.

Yup, that headless camera woman, that’s me. But I’m including it because that yellow desk? I loved that desk. If I had Jesse’s truck with me, I would have purchased it in a nanosecond.

It was a much needed breather. Now we are back to the hustle and bustle. Flu shots, parent/teacher conferences, laundry.

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