Random Stuff Monday

1. At a fundraiser a few months back, a group of us ended up winning this amazing seven course Rustic French dinner with wine pairings. It was beyond amazing. And I don’t know if it’s the tired, maybe a little hungover part of me talking or the mushy, weepy, softy side but I feel so amazingly blessed to be surrounded by some REALLY GREAT people.

2. The people I follow on instagram are made up of 60% knitting/yarn, 25% cats, 10% friends, and 5% bloggers that I really enjoy. This largely means that I spend a lot of time dreaming about yarn I’d like to buy and the cat I’d like to add to our family.

3. Violet had her first “real” orthodontist appointment today. They placed the spacers around her molars so they’ll be able to put her expander in at the end of November. She’ll also have a partial row of braces across the top front of to help correct her cross bite and fix the crowding. Weird thinking about her being in braces already.

4. I’m having some mixed feelings about social media these days. I’m not going to get all dramatic and delete my FB profile (shocking, I know) but I do think there will be some changes as to what I post and how often. Some really wise women have talked about having a personal policy of how much and what to share and I think it’s time to create one for myself – especially as Violet and Abram are getting older. And for some reason, social media can really start to feel like middle school. I’d like to avoid the hurt feelings and drama as much as possible.

5. A friend of mine sent a link to this Myers-Briggs-esque personality quiz and I love these things so I took it right away. I was surprised at the result. In the past I’ve always been an ESTJ. This most recent go-around, I ended up with ISFJ. I retook the thing five times and had my mom, husband, and the friend who sent me the link confirm that it sounded like me because while I know I’ve become more introverted as I age (I NEED downtime to recharge my batteries), I wasn’t expecting the thinking/feeling change.

6. I need a nap.

7. I attempted to do the all-natural deodorant thing. I tried one store bought brand and another paste type stuff that a blogger recommended. Two things happened and it didn’t matter which one I was using: I got really terrible irritation under my arms (which is a sucky place for irritation) and I smelled bad. So I went back to store bought aluminum ridden Secret solid. In the decision between harmful chemicals that glide on and leave my pits pain free or natural methods that leave me itchy and stinky, I’m taking the chemicals. In the effort to be a hippie, I fail.

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