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I’m not sure how I found Stefanie‘s blog, but I fell in love with her no nonsense home style and amazing knits almost instantly.  Despite not having met her in real life, we’ve been chatting cookware and knitting for awhile now and when I heard about the Ysolda shawl club, I had to pass it along.  When I did, she mentioned how she was going to be rounding up some yarn clubs so I twisted her arm into “syncing” our posts.  It’s basically the yarn lovers perfect Christmas – notions and tools, yarn and yarn subscriptions to keep us happy all year long.

Without further ado…here’s my list for the favorite knitter in your life.

1.  Ysolda’s Shawl Club – the inspiration behind it all.

2. Stitch Markers – These adorable snowman cookie markers by Another Grey Sweater are adorable – perfect for the Christmas season.

3. Split Yarn Bags – I love the box bags and the wee little pouches would be perfect for keeping little notions together (like those super cute stitch markers) and that cardinal pattern?  Adorable!!

4. Blocking Wires – I’ve recently been scouring patterns for shawls and everywhere I turn lace blocking wires are recommended.  I’d love to add these to my knitting supplies!

5. Hand dyes – You can’t go wrong with a skein of hand dyed yarn.  There are so many shops to choose from but these two hanks are from two of my favorite shops – Yarn Ink (colorway: bubblemint concrete) and The Lemonade Shop (colorway: stormy day)

6. Knitter’s Tool Tin – I’ve ordered two of these tins from The Sexy Knitter and they are perfect for throwing in all your project bags.  Each comes with a tape measure, a yarn needle, a few stitch markers, a double sided crochet hook for picking up dropped stitches, some foldable scissors, and a stitch holder.  Basically, everything you could ever need while out and about.  She has tons of cut labels to choose from.  Pick your favorite.

7. Men in Knitwear Calendar – Sexy men wearing knits (and not much else)?  Sign me up.  Add that each month includes a pattern (that the man of the month is modeling) and it doesn’t get better than that.

Now go over and check out Stefanie’s list because the only better than some yarn and notions is a whole year’s subscription to some yarn.  I’m sure she’s got some great clubs listed!

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  • I'm not sure why your posts haven't been showing in my Bloglovin' feed, but it was nice to catch up with you this morning. I'm not much of a knitter, but I've been knitting dishcloths for Christmas gifts. It might be something I play with more in the coming year. I appreciate getting a different take on Disney, too. I've only been twice in my life, and both times there were other circumstances that overshadowed the magic. It was nice to see it in your posts. That photo of your son and husband–it made me smile. 🙂

    • My MIL knits me dishcloths for Christmas/my birthday every year and I LOVE them. Your gift recipients are very lucky – hand knit dishcloths are best. As for Bloglovin', I don't know the why but even though the blog name is the same the feeds didn't carry over when I made the switch to blogger. Glad to see you again 🙂