I missed a few days this week but wanted to get my seven shot quota – so doubled up a few days.  It’s my challenge so I gave myself permission.  It’s nice being your own boss.

We’ve had sick kids.  And just when we congratulate ourselves on clearing a hurtle, we bang our knees on the next one.  Stomach stuff, respiratory stuff, feverish stuff and me quietly trying to hold on to my sanity as I launder, and snuggle, and read chapters, and dish out soup and hand out tissue.  (And wash my hands so much I’m actually slathering my hands with hand creme and putting gloves on them before bed.)

I’m working on a shawl for Violet’s First Eucharist and because I thought it would be a great idea to jump into the lace bandwagon with not one but two projects, I signed up for the Follow Your Arrow 2 KAL.  I’m behind on both of them.  I have almost completed the first section of Violet’s (I was hoping to be done with that two days ago, but sick kids) and I picked and wound the yarn for the FYA2.  I also have piles of sock yarn begging to become socks and the supplies for a poncho/sweater thing I bought before Christmas.  About two months ago I was telling someone I have no stash.  That is now a lie.  It wasn’t at the time.  But Christmas money mixed with a new fascination for sock yarn and hand dyes has created a bit of a problem for me.

In other news, I had a bit of an epiphany the other day.  When I was high school, my mom met up with some of her girlfriends for their high school’s 20th class reunion.  I remember her talking about it and how excited she was to see them and I remember thinking how old you had to be to celebrate your 20th class reunion.  It seemed really, really old at the time.

I celebrate mine next year.  

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  • I was just looking at Henslowe the other night, thinking it was perfect for some new yarn. I can't wait to see how yours turns out! If you haven't finished part one of FYA by Monday, stay away from my blog. I wanted to post pictures the second I was done, but decided I should avoid sharing spoilers until the second [pattern was released. Personally, I don't mind spoilers. I know myself well enough to know that I'd be really upset with a crazy asymmetrical shawl, so I briefly checked out spoilers before I even cast on.

    Hope the kiddos are feeling better soon!

    • I'm working on the second part of the Henslowe and I LOVE it. It's a beautiful but simple pattern – perfect for me. Now that I feel like I'm in a good place with that, I'm going to work the FYA2 tonight. I'm a little nervous – there are some new things for me in the pattern choices.